Printmaking By: Da'Leana sullivan

Woodcut- carves an image in to the surface of a block of wood. ANTONIO FRASCONI One of his art works is The dog and the crocodile

Linocut- a design carved in relief on a block of linoleum. ELIZABETH CATLETT One of her art works is survivor.

Engraving- prints from metal plates into which a design has been incised. LEONARD BASKIN On of his work is The cry.

Drypoint- a steel needle for engraving on a bare copper plate without acid. LOUISE BOURGEOIS One of these art works is dismemberment.

Mezzotint- a print made from an engraved copper or steel plate where the surface has been partially roughened, for shading, and partially scrapped smooth. REYNOLD WEIDENAAR One of his works is Repose.

Etching- a print produced by the process of etching MAX KLINGER On of his works is Second future.

Aquatint- a print resembling a watercolor, produced from a cooper plate etched with nitric acid. GEORGES ROUAULT One of their works is Ecce Dolor.

Screenprint- force ink or metal onto (a surface) through a prepared screen of fine material so as to create a picture of patter. BEN RIDER One of his works is Horrorshow.

Lithograph- a lithograph print (print by lithographic) ROY LICHTENSTEIN One of their works is crying girl.

Collagraph- materials are applied to a rigid substrate SUZIE MACKENZIE One of her works is Full moon, Christmas morning.


Created with images by ms sherwood - "Whitley at the press"

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