Household Chemicals Lab By; Madison waldrup

pH color scale
Olive Oil; Liquid and Yellow; PH=5 Acid
Aqua Safe Fish Water Conditioner;Liquid and See through; PH=9; Base
Borax;Liquid and See through; PH=9; Base
Miracle Grow; Yellow with pebbles at the bottom and Liquid; PH=5;Acid
Soda (Sprite): Yellow, Bubbly, and a liquid; Ph=5; Acid
Humming Bird Food;Red, Liquid, and smells sweet; Ph=2; Acid
BBQ Sauce; Brown, Thick, Smells sweet; Ph=4; Acid
Shaving Cream; White, Fluffy, and Thick; Ph=8; Base
Corn starch in water; White, Liquid, Clear; Ph=5; Acid
Cayenne Pepper Sauce; Brown, Liquid, Thick; Ph=5; Acid
Coffee; Liquid, and Brown; Ph=6; Acid
Ketchup; Red and Thick; Ph=4, Acid
Pepto Bismol; Pink, Liquid, and Thick; Ph=6; Base
Baking Powder; Liquid, Clear/See through; Ph=8; Base
Antacid; Yellow and Liquid; Ph=6; Base


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