Harn Museum of Art Museums are great

All photos were taken by me on my visit to the Harn Museum of Art

Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters by Audrey Flack, Harn

This larger than life sculpture was the first piece I saw as I entered the Intra- Action exhibit. Its large scale and intricate craftsmanship drew me towards it. It is made with polychrome and gilded plaster, these materials were used to create the juxtaposition between the highly textured skirt, hair, and wings and the perfectly smooth and shiny expanse of the torso. This beautiful juxtaposition, the striking placement, towering above even the tallest person, and the almost holographic shimmer on the statue's head piece and hair would have been missed had I not seen it in person.

Mirror, Mirror Portraits of Frida Kahlo, Harn

Frida Kahlo is one of my favorite artists and I was very excited to be able to see the photos of Kahlo as well as read the testimonies from the photographers, often dear friends of Kahlo's. The exhibit opens onto a royal blue wall with this famous portrait of Kahlo and moving clock wise around the room the groupings of 3 to 5 photos tell the story of Frida's life. Also in the exhibit are some items that Kahlo loved or that show insight into her life, such as decorative metal crosses and Mexican folk art figures and sculptures, as well as a full length documentary about Kahlo. The design and scale of the exhibit allow you to be immersed in learning about Frida Kahlo while leading you to make discoveries about her that you otherwise would have never seen.

Various Guerilla Girls Pieces, Harn

I firmly believe in equality and proudly identify as a feminist. I am very excited to see the Guerrilla Girls exhibition and to attend their talk in February. The Guerrilla Girls are a group of female artist who wear gorilla masks and draw attention to the disparity between the representation of white males, women, and people of color in galleries and museums. I really enjoyed seeing many of the works I had previously read about in person and I plan on attending their talk to learn more about their art and message.

Tiangis Aerial Reflex by Melanie Smith, Harn

This aerial photo reminds me that from far away people aren't so dissimilar, that we are all working toward a common goal, happiness and the good life. The somewhat dilapidated buildings remind me that we should allows strive to help others and that the key to the good life for everyone is the lifting of those that need a boost.

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