Integrating Newly Arrived Migrant Students in Schools Annalife's Learning Diary

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Integrating newly arrived students in the school is a very challenging task for my schools, as these students often have a quite different background than other students and need at least in the beginning a lot of additional support. But, in this situation, the aid that there are, there are very few; so, often we teachers must work and act for ourselves, and we need our school management and other partners on board. Unfortunately this does not happen in my school, so I think courses like this can help me to create a welcoming and safe environment, where children can feel safe and they can learn.

Rethink our schools, the shape them according to the needs of all, migrants and not-migrants, can become a powerful factor of development for teachers, students and society. Sometimes we sit us in a way to work or deal with problems that will not allow us to seize opportunities. The arrival of new migrants, with all their problems, can force us to "wake up" and trying to innovate the way we teach. This, in the end, will help not only to migrants, but to everyone.

So, when new migrants are presented at school, the most important needs regarding the language and habits. Many kids are not used to going to school, they do not speak Italian, and they are immediately placed in a foreign environment from all points of view. For me, therefore, the first need, the most immediate, regards the need to speak Italian: they need to know at least the main expressions that allow to move independently within the school, and making it possible to begin to communicate with classmates.

Although Italy has a history of migration (to the Americas, or to Northern Europe), this now seems to have been forgotten: the resources (human and financial) that formerly helped teachers in this situation, have now declined or none at all. Until a few years ago, in my school Principal obtained four teachers who could devote only to new migrants arrived. In this way, for a few weeks (or months, it depended on the situation), migrant children could only devote himself to learning Italian. Now, all this is no longer possible.
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