Media Specialist Meeting 12.15.16

You matter. You are important. We could not do the work that we do without you. You are a vital piece to the Mission and Vision of Noblesville Schools. So, Jen and I picked YOU as our important person! We are thankful for you and the work that you do each and every day!

Today's Agenda

Noblesville Schools Common Language Glossary - Why is this work important to us? In order to align our work across the district, it is important that we have a common language and understanding of the terminology and work that we do. Today's goal is to reflect and discuss the Common Language Glossary to provide feedback to Annetta. In pairs, please look over the glossary adding any additional changes in purple. Use strikethrough for anything you would like to delete. Consider the practices. Are all represented in the glossary? Consider the glossary. Does this make you think of other supports needed? Is there anything that needs to be added that aligns with the Media Center?

Social Studies Digital Content Assessment - Why is this work important to us? When we think about all of the different ways we support teachers, the process of curating and organizing resources is one of the many focal points to our job as Media Specialist. Because Noblesville Schools has decided not to adopt a Social Studies textbook, it is our job as Media Specialists to help support teachers by finding, organizing and curating the best of what is out there both digitally and in print. Noblesville Schools has partnered up with the Indiana Department of Education on a project called #GoOpen. As apart of this partnership, we have chosen to focus out attention on Social Studies at both the Elementary and Secondary level. The goal of this work is to conduct an existing assessment of the resources available to teachers (both paid and free; digitally and in print) in order to determine what resources are available to align with our curriculum maps along with any gaps that may exist. Once our assessment is complete, it is our goal to agree upon a rubric that determines the quality of resources available, link in supporting resources that align with our curriculum maps, and provide a place for teachers to go in Canvas to access what they need in order to be successful with planning and teaching in the classroom. Today, we will have time to work together in groups on this project.

Open Educational Resource Rubric - As part of the #GoOpen initiative, it is our job as Media Specialists to determine the quality of the resources that are available for teachers to use. Today we will look at several rubrics together, discuss the pros and cons of each and decide on whether or not the rubrics provided best meet our needs or if we need to create something on our own.

PLC / Business Items

Please take this time to collaborate together during your PLC time. Any Business items to discuss?

"Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant!" - Steven Anderson

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