Black-Footed Ferret Cassady powell

The black-footed ferret is a small wild ferret. It is a tan ferret with black fur on its face and black feet, as their name implies. This adorable animal is one of the most endangered mammals on the continent of North America.
Black footed ferrets are native to the grasslands of Northern America. They depend on the health of their habitat. They are also extremely dependent on the presence prairie dog colonies. They are the ferrets source of food, shelter, and even the upbringing of their youth.
There are a few factors contributing to the endangerment of this species, for example, non-native disease and their loss of habitat. In addition, decline in prairie dog population has a threatened the ferret population. The prairie dog population has been decreasing due to sylvatic plague and farmers hunting them.
With prairie dog populations dwindling, ferrets struggle to survive because the prairie dogs are their main source of food. The ferrets also seek shelter in the dogs abandoned towns. Without these animals the ferrets cannot survive.
Reservations housing prairie dog towns are introducing black footed into their communities in order to aid the population. There is also research being conducted in an effort to find a vaccine for the plague threatening prairie dogs.

In conclusion with all of the efforts being put forth to help the black footed ferret population hopefully the species will be able to make it out of its endangered status. It is important for this species to be present for its habitat to be healthy. It is also important for the prairie dog population to get back up. Without one or the other of these species the balance of their ecosystems would be thrown off, therefore it is very important that we do everything we can to save them.


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