Destruction of the Boom to Bust Era By zoe kochor / mrs. collins / period 7

A jazz band performs for people as entertainment.

This is a picture of a jazz band that performed music that was danced to and listened to for entertainment.

These scandalous flappers preform for watchers as entertainment.

The flappers would dance to jazz music and dress in short dresses with bob hair cuts.

This family sits around a radio waiting for news and updates about the crash.

This is a family huddled around a radio listening for news about the crash.

A house that is made of reused cardboard for shelter.

This is a house that was built by people because they had a foreclosure on their house. Which means they were forced out of their house and now have to live in these types of shelters.

A sad mother with her children looking for something good to happen with this crash going on.

This woman is pictured with her two sons, one being a baby. She has dirt on her face and her son’s hair is messy. She looks sad and depressed.

A mother of kids looking sad and depressed.

Pictured here is a mom of three kids. She looks like she’s hopeless and confused on how she ended up in the position she is in.

Pictured are 3 children in ditry clothes and no parenst to be seen.

Three young girls in raggedy old dresses. They are covered on dirt and don't have happy looks on their faces.

3 young children placed at a table with no food on their plates.

Young children sitting down at their dinner table with empty plates because their family can’t afford food anymore because of the crash.

2 young kids, not treated well and not cleaned up

Young children sitting on the ground in dirty ripped clothes. They don't have access to nice clothes or soap to clean them up nice.

An african American women snapped scooping rain water because she has no access to fresh water.

A women fetching dirty water out of a barrel. This shows the unsanitary living conditions these people went through.

An area of hoovervilles for people who cannot afford their homes anymore

A bunch of Hoovervilles- unsanitary small shacks that people built and lived in.

People looking for help gather in a line in front of a soup kitchen

People coming to Al Capone’s Soup Kitchen after the crash because they don't have money to go buy themselves and their families food.

A newspaper about a bank holiday

Banks had a 4 day layoff and they called it a holiday. Banks got time to recollect and not experience the crash again.

People gathering infront of a reopening bank

This bank is being filled with people after reopening.

A chart on how the crash did

This is the stock market during the depression.

FDR being surrounded by his fellows watching him sign the New Deal.

FDR signing the New Deal with a strict face becuase this was a serious deal.

The Great depression was a time of mixed emotions all around the world. There were four main points that were truly affected by the depression. These affected all people in many ways. Most importantly, home life. This mainly affected women. Some women were married with many kids, but did not have the money to support the kids when the crash came. The kids were uncontrollable when they became hungry. Also, some women had husbands that worked, long days. So, the women were on their own taking care of these kids. Sometimes, when the women couldn’t take the children anymore, they would put them up for sale. This would give them money and less stress in raising the kids. The Leisure time, of mainly, women, also had a huge impact during the depression. Leisure time consisted of: drinking, bars, cinemas, daes, jazz, dancing, flappers, etc. Some women used this to take a break away from their home life and “ distract the hard times “. Women rebelled by wearing short dresses and bob hair cuts and called themselves flappers. Other women, although, would go to cinema to watch films. Leisure time really got people's minds off things during the Great Depression. The economy was most affected. Stock Markets were a big thing during the depression. Stock markets allowed you to buy and sell. People used stocks a lot, and kept a lot of money in them. Stock brokers usually chose to invest in stock markets. So, when the stock market crashed, everyone's money went everywhere. Nobody who longer had a stock, still had it. Business owners had a surplus of products and no one to have them buy the products because they had no money. The economy acted in this as hard as they could but knew there wasn't much they could do. This is what lead to the depression, and the start of everything. The Role of Government also played huge role in this crash. At first they had a Laissez Faire policy, they were not getting involved, they had a hands off approach. But when people's money got lost and all else was failing, they knew they had to step in. Although, it was still limited involvement. People had to go and fend for themselves because the government would not give them advice on what to do. This affected bankers greatly, they had no idea what to do since they hadn't experienced something this bad before. Nor were they prepared for it. The government was the most powerful thing that the people had and without their help they felt powerless. People had been through so much distress and sorrow through this time. Their everyday life was simply destroyed. Everyone felt hopeless and these were the main reasons why.

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