A Fun Day matthew m.


I have had many fun days, but I will never forget this one. First I woke up at 6:00 after I woke up and ate breakfast.And for breakfast I had chocolate chip pancakes with some sausage. waited until 9:00 to call my friends.To go on a awesome 3 mile hike in the summer at sanders battle field.We walked and jogged. I told my friends to watch out for tall stumps.After the hike it was 12:00. Then we made a awesome fort,and we went swimming. At the pool we did some laps,and we jumped off the diving board. Finally It was 3:30 so we were all getting really hungry after all of that stuff we did. So it took 1 hour to get to red lobster.Then we went I saw someone who was having a birthday party.After that I order some shrimp.It was my favorite shrimp in the whole world!Then we went back to my house.To have a sleep over. At 6:00 we played some video games. At 9:30 we all went to bed. I will never forget that day.


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