Lincoln Land Community College

Our history

  • Community Colleges in Illinois were put in place in the late 1960s to provide access to higher education to those who otherwise wouldn’t have it for financial reasons or maybe they lived too far away from a college, or maybe they worked full time, could be anything.
  • Access was the central tenant to the mandate.
  • Lincoln Land is the largest community college district in the state.
  • In order to serve our entire region, not just the city of Springfield, LLCC has positioned sites strategically throughout the district, Taylorville being one of those sites.
  • We call them Outreach Centers and they are intended to help accomplish the community college access mission.
  • The mission of access and affordability has basically informed what has come to be the broadest mission in the American education system.

Yep! It's broad.

  • We are here to serve everyone.
  • If a student comes to us at a 5th grade reading level, we are expected to prepare that student for college coursework and then deliver said coursework and support the student through to completion.
  • If a student with a 35 on their ACT comes to us after their first year at the University of Chicago and wants to take a Calculus course over the summer, that course is expected to adhere to all the rigor that any Illinois Articulated course should and provide the student with the same learning outcomes as could be found at any state university.
  • If a company needs training for their employees, our Workforce Development arm is often called upon to create custom curriculum and training workshops with them.
  • If a student dropped out of high school and needs GED or Adult Ed courses, they come to us.
  • If a high school student wants to take a college course at their high school or if a HS student wants to come to the college for part of the day, we do both.
  • If a retired couple wants to learn about bird watching they come to us.
  • Community Colleges train RNs, LPNs, and CNAs, radiologic techs, Auto body repairmen, Automotive Techs, Welders, & Heating, Air Conditioning Ventilation techs to name a few. Community Colleges offer courses at night, on the weekends, during the day, online, online face to face hybrid, and in six different locations throughout the district.
  • And of course we provide traditional transfer courses that articulate to any public college or university in the state and most privates.

Who are the students LLCC serves?

  • LLCC serves nearly 15,000 individuals annually through credit and non-credit courses.
  • Nearly 12,000 students received credit-generating instruction in the past year.
  • Thirty-nine percent of the LLCC student body is over the age of 25.
  • The average age of LLCC students is 28; the median age is 22.
  • Approximately six out of 10 students are female.
  • More than 19 percent of the LLCC student body is minority.
  • Over 58 percent of LLCC students are enrolled part time.
  • Ninety-five percent of LLCC students reside in the LLCC district.
  • Nearly 21 percent of LLCC students are in college for the first time.
  • LLCC students are primarily enrolled in baccalaureate/transfer programs (57 percent) and occupational/vocational programs (30 percent).
  • In addition to Associate in Arts and Associate in Science liberal arts programs, top transfer programs include: Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Biology, and Computer Information Systems.
  • Top enrolled occupational programs: Certified Nursing Assistant, Associate Degree Nursing, Emergency Medical Technician, Truck Driving, and Industrial Electronics.
  • 3,343 individual students took online classes, totaling 6,868 enrollments, in FY ’16.

LLCC-Taylorville facts (Spring 2017)

  • 613 duplicated enrollment, 288 unduplicated
  • 58% of our students live in Taylorville, an additional 15% come from Nokomis, Morrisonville or Kincaid
  • The average students is 23 years old. The most common age is 18.
  • Our students receive financial aid (PELL, MAP, Veterans, etc.)
  • 30% of our students take one class, 70% take two or more


  • We are unique b/c most people already know about LLCC. Try to promote specific events through FB, Twitter, Instagram, webpage, Chamber Calendar of events, WTIM Morning Talkshow.
  • Try to reach out to the younger generation. This is challenging. Used to be Facebook, then Twitter, now Instagram maybe?, definitely SnapChat. If anyone is a SnapChat expert, please see me after the presentation. :) Younger generation does not do email.
  • Breeze Sports Twitter sponsorhip
  • Advertise on radio 4 times per year, one week at a time. Same with newspapers. Cover Taylorville, Nokomis, Edinburg, Morrisonville and Pana.
  • Visits to the high schools at least twice per year often times more for college fairs, presentations, etc.
  • Viewbooks are produced yearly, FORWARDS each semester
Go Near, Go Far with class listing and Inspirational Professors ad

programs and offerings

  • Construction Occupations
  • Welding
  • EMS
  • CNA
  • Variety of Transfer Classes
  • Community Education Workshops

concurrent enrollment programs

  • College Now
  • Dual Credit

challenges to the community college

At least some college education has become the minimal entry requirement to the middle class and is fundamental to economic opportunities in the US.

  • CC's enroll just under half of all college undergrads in America
  • Serve a disproportionate share of low-income students
  • Prepare students for college level work through developmental education programs
  • CC's enroll students with the most daunting educational, social, economic barriers, but CC's have the fewest resources to serve those students, less than half of 4 yr universities
  • CC's funding come from tuition, state, and local taxes and state funding has been decreasing

mark your calendar!

LLCC-Taylorville 50th Anniversary Celebration Saturday, April 22 from 1 p.m.-3 p.m.

50 Acts of Service

  • Blood Drives
  • Class Competition Food Wars
  • Visiting elementary schools

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