Prisoner B-3087 Joshua Short

Exemplary Evaluator 5/4

  1. Born in America
  2. He went to Tennessee University
  3. He was born January 27 1972
  4. He is 45 years old
  5. He was born in Knoxville, TN
  6. Lives in North Carolina
  7. Has written 14 books
  8. Has helped produce 6 plays
  9. Co-won the 2003 Kimberly Colen grant
  10. He was a finalist in the 2002 Marguerite deAngeli contest
  11. Has written a book that made a top 10 sport book list
  12. Has written a book that made a top 10 books for young adults in 2007
  13. Has written a book that made a top 10 historical books for youth in 2010
  14. He has a wife and daughter
  15. He worked in the teaching business for several years
  16. He has worked in advertising
  17. He enjoys reading other books
  18. In his free time he likes making awesome si-fi caustumes
  19. He has had several jobs in libraries
  20. In his career he has worked for several newspapers
  21. He will make appearances in some schools and libraries upon request
  22. He loves traveling and exploring the US
  23. He wrote the book Prisoner B-3087
  24. He has helped several people tell their story through his books
  25. He has helped other countries and taught in China to help out

Connection Builder 5/3

We might not realize it but there are a lot of connections we can make about what is happening now and what happened in the past. Today in our world we are often classifying Muslims as bad and against us. The Nazis thought all Jews were bad. These thoughts are almost exactly the same. If we follow this we could cause a mini Holocaust, it won't be as bad but it won't be good.

Character Captain 5/2

Word Wizard 5/1

Literary Luminary 4/27

Discussion Director 4/26

Buchenwald Concentration Camp
  • In this place the Nazis would gas Jews
  • They would also take in jews from the street and make them work
  • Another thing Nazis would do to Jews here is they would make them do pointless work all day.
  • The Nazis would feed the Jewish very little food causing them to be malnutritioned
  • Here the Jewish people were also forced to do random stuff for the Nazis entertainment
  1. The Jewish religion is a religion that during WWll the Nazis killed 2/3 of them living in Europe
  2. Most Jews wanted to return to their homes after the war but many were not able to, so alot of them moved to America to start over their lives
  3. During WWll a total of somewhere between 5 and 6 million Jews were killed
  4. The Jewish religion is a really old religion established around 3500 years ago
  5. The Jewish religion was founded around the middle east
  6. In 2011 there were around 13 million Jewish followers world wide
  7. The Jewish symbol is The Star Of David

Exemplary Evaluator 4/25

This type of propaganda can make people believe that Jews truly are bad. This makes the readers think that Jews are really the reasons for all the problems, where in reality they are not. The background of the poster also helps give this idea by showing the star of David with bars all around it. The red text also helps because red is usually connected to the thought of bad.

Connection Builder 4/24

In my book Prisoner B-3087 the main character Jack and I are similar in several ways. One way being that we are both around the same age. He starts off at the age of 10 and ends at the age of around 15 and I am 14 years old. Another similarity is that we both don't give up when we are challenged. In the book Jack faces lots of challenges including not being killed by the Nazis. My challenges might not be that great, but I don't give up when I face a challenge either. These two similarities are just a few of the many similarities between Jack and I.

Character Captain 4/21

Literary Luminary 4/19

Discussion Director 4/18

In the historical fiction book, Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz there are many important characters. One of the most important characters is the main character Jack Gruener. Jack is a young Jewish boy who is very brave. Jack is also friendly even when he is told not to be.

The main character has trouble not making friends even when Moshe told him " must not do anything to stand out. For now on, you have no name, no personality, no family, and no friends." Jack was told this right before going to his first concentration camp. Even though he did make friends when he got to the camps.

He is also very brave for several reasons, including the fact he survived through ten concentration camps. He also never gave into the Natzi's and let the concentration camps beat him down. He also didn't just give up when he was captured at his work. To me all of this shows that he is very brave.

Exemplary Evaluator 4/17

Even though Yanek was going through concentration camps he never gave up and let the natzis kill him.

Connection Builder 4/13

Prisoner B-3087 and The Whispering Town were similar in several ways like time period and situation. As I mentioned they are both during the natzis overtake duing WWll. The stories also connect in the fact that the main family in the story help other people even though it doesn't benefit them. The little kid in The Whispering Town goes to several places in the story and Prisoner B-3087 moves around alot too. In the story The Whispering Town Anett is an only child and Prisoner B-3087 is an only child too. So as you can see The Whispering Town and Prisoner B-3087 are similar in several ways.

Captain Character 4/12

  • Jack
  • Courageous, practical, vulnerable
  • Brother like with other prisoners, had a mom and dad
  • Loves his family and his new friends
  • Hated the Natzis, and feared them too
  • He fears being killed, fear of Natzis, fear of what has happened to his family
  • Has survived 3 concentration camps
  • He wants to see the Natzis fall and to be set fee again
  • He has lived in several concentration camps
  • Gruener

Literary Luminary 4/10

  • "If I had known what the next six years of my life were going to be like, I would have eaten more." Page 2
  • This shows that the narrator wasn't expecting to be treated like this in the future.
  • "I was twelve years old when the wall began." page 14
  • This tells us that when WW2 started the narrator was still young.
  • "I had always thought it would be fun to have a brother or a sister." page 18
  • This tells us that the narrator's world is changing, and that he has mixed feeling about it
  • "1924 came, but the british didn't come." page 26
  • This tells us that he is upset because he expected them by now
  • j
  • j


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