Treat Yo' Health A Review of Healthy Desserts

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

If you are a person who adores anything peanut butter and chocolate, and treats themselves to a Reese's once and while, this dessert is for you. Substitute that carb filled Reese's for a healthier version!


This recipe, while a little pasty, gets a rating of 4/5. Toss your classic Reese's and replace it with this feel good treat!

Gone Bananas!

Who knew that chocolate and bananas would be such a good pair. At Trader Joes you can find these treats in the frozen section.

This is a great alternative to ice cream or any other night-time craving you may have. Just pop a few in your mouth and your sweet tooth will be satisfied!


The only downside is their texture. It is not smooth nor soft; it is very hard for the first bite, but that can be fixed with thawing. This receives a 3/5 because of the texture.

Homemade Banana Bread

Wow, only 238 calories per slice! But what makes this Banana bread so healthy? It has no sugar and no butter! This classic recipe will leave you full and satisfied. Just like in other desserts, you can substitute more unhealthy ingredients like sugar for honey or maple syrup!


The nice thing about banana bread is you can add chocolate chips (the best are the semi sweet ones). This adds an amazing finish to the recipe and offers a difference in texture. This bread has a strong banana flavor and is the perfect texture. This a 4/5 because if not made correctly, it can be overly chewy.

3-Ingredient Banana Oat Cookies

You can eat a few of these and not regret it! This dessert is not too heavy like a normal cookie, and the texture is absolutely perfect. This is an amazing pairing of oats and bananas!


Despite the simplicity of these treats, they receive a 5/5. You just toss some ripe bananas and oats in a bowl with some chocolate chips and call it a night!

Halo Top Ice Cream

This is a very healthy alternative to the authoritative Ben and Jerry's ice cream pint. Although not the best tasting, it is still incredibly impressive to provide a source of protein and only 280 calories per serving!


Low calorie ice creams that give you a sense of satisfaction are very difficult to find. This ice cream is a 2/5 because while the birthday cake is good, the other flavors are very icy and lack substantial flavor.

Don't forget to treat yo' self and yo' health!