virginia by Lillye

virginias transportation

tranportation is highways , railroads, planes and etc. . Highways are like 66,5,81, and 64. Railroads have trains go on them and trains cary goods. Planes and helicopters are exsamples of transportation.

communications and technology is speaking,emailing ,and texting. technology is phones and ipads etc. . there is also amazon,hp and rosetta stone.

tourism is when you come to vist a place to see something . people go and vist parks . a place where you can go is shenandoah park and skyline drive

federal goverment is in D.C . there are 3 branchs of goverment legislative ,executive ,and judicial . they travel to talk to work in D.C


Created with images by jonrawlinson - "creek" • Pexels - "curve daylight forest" • Pixies - "technology keyboard computing" • Ninniah - "Park 2" • Glyn Lowe Photoworks. - "2013 Presidential Inauguration Day - Preparation - Capitol Building Night"

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