Honolulu,Hawaii By:Joselyn hernandez

the kahala hotel is a luxurious hotel where im going to be staying during my 7 day vacation this hotel immediately catched my eye because of the great comments that were left,the great service and hospitality. and it has all my neccesities like breakfast and dinner included.

these are the types of comments left on the website and the recommendation of this hotel
this is the room im going to be styaing in for a weeks in honolulu. the price per night in the kahala hotel is 270 so for a 7 day vacation it is $1890

food:this is the type of food that is served as a dessert in the hotel that im going o be staying in for 7 weeks.This is a very liked dessert in the hotel

transportation:the people in hawaii get somewhere by a local bus which is what is commonly used as well as the commuter rail service

a commuter rail service is what people in honolulu get by also its a cheap and faster way to get somwhere just like the bus

landmarks:there is many different special landmarks that atract tourists but ive always liked to learn a little about the history of where im going to stay in vacation this is the honolulu harbor a beautifull,special and common palce to go see

another popular place to visit in honolulu is the diamond head state monument which is a mountain that u can hike to see the natural beauties in honolulu

diamond head state monument

culture:much of honolulus culture is preserved in their museams,chhurches and iolani palace which is the only royal pace in the us the people before offered daily offerings to pele the goddess of the volcanoes

honolulu is known for its uniquness it is the largest city in the pacific ocean with a population of over 1 million people

history:Honolulu was founded in 1850 by kamehameha III proclaimed honolulu the capital city of the independent kingdom of hawaii. Honolulu does not fly a city flag. thier motto is "The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness."

climate: it is typically warm and sunny thoughout the yr with slight temp. vaiations.In summer their usual temp. is around 85 to 87 degrees

things to do:there is many spots to visit in honolulu hawaii but ala moana center is one of the many paces to visit you can see the trends that hawaian people like to dress

another thing to do is go to the beautifull, facinating beach in honolulu to have fun and relax and maybe get a tan

food:there is many unique type off foods that we may not know of there is many dishes that are tasty they even tho they look weird to us is what they eat daily but they eat chicken long rice,laulau,lomi salmon and poke.

i will be traveling in a plane,american airlines. i chose a round trip and my total cost was 1367.

my total cost for a seven day vacation in honolulu hawaii is 8915


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