Islam religion By gary davila

Followers of the Islam religion are called muslims witch in Arabic means "one who submits to god".About 2.76 billion people practice this religion today.most of the people who believes in this religion live in the Middle East.

Historians believe that Islam originated in Mecca and Edina at the start of the 7th century .

The founder of the Islam religion was Muhammad who was a prophet and a messenger of god

The spread of Islam in Africa began in 7th to 9th century,brought to North Africa initially under the amayyad dynasty.

The Islam people believe in allah as there only god.muslims believe that the Quran is the unaltered and final revelation of god.muslims believe in judgement day.some of the code of behavior for muslims is thruthfulness,sincerity,unselfishness,humility,patience,forgiveness,honesty,purity.

They read a holy book that's called Quran wich is the message from allah

Muslims people worship at mosques,their not only a place for worship but also the center of the Muslim community.

The star and crescent is the emblem for islam

Their are two official holidays in Islam.Eid al-fitr and Eid aladha.

Islam has few holidays compared to others. Muslims pray daily.


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