Water cycle

I'm a water droplet. I live in the Alantic ocean and my life is as happy as it can be. But today was different. I'm going to tell you the story of my adventure. Also I learned that I went trough the water cycle so I'll tell you about that too.

As I was just in the ocean part of waves I looked up and say the sun. It was so hot out today and I didn't really care because I was having so much fun riding the waves. This was the first part of the water cycle. Solar radiation. The sun was giving off enough heat in order to start the cycle.

Just as I was about to go on another wave my friends started screaming. I thought a shark was coming but no. They were screaming cause of me. " HES FLYING IN THE AIR!!" people shouted. This part was when the sun started turning some of the water into gas. This is what made me start flying in the air.

As I was in the air I saw more and more of the water turn into gas and follow me up into the air. When I was in the air I could see gas coming off trees. At the time I dint know what it was but I found out this is called infiltration. This is when plants give out sweat or water that turns into a gas. Which then goes into the air.

After traveling in the air for a while I finally got to a stop. I looked around and realized I wasn't my normal self. I was a cloud, and so was every one else. We were floating in the sky and could see every thing from up there. This part was called condisation. This is when gas turns into clouds which get bigger when more water is released in the air.

As we were all a cloud it was so peaceful. Nothing could bother us in till the clouds got bigger. They kept getting bigger in till we all fell down to the ground. We were no longer a cloud we were back to water. We were rain and falling down to the ground. The part of the cycle is called presipitation. It's when the clouds get to heavy that gravity pulls down the water. This then makes it rain.

We were falling down fast and when we hit the ground I felt nothing. I watched my friends fall from the sky. The all landed on the ground. And made puddles. This is when the were infiltrate. They were on the ground and were going to get soaked up in the ground.

Me, what happened to me you may ask. I was going down hill with others. When we're going down pretty fast. On the way down some hit rocks, trees, and some fell in holes. Me, I made it all the way down with no problem. This is called a runoff. It's when water goes down hill and back into the ocean.

Before I new it I was back in the ocean. Most of my friends weren't here and I got said. I then say them come and they told me how they got back. I then i told them my story. The way they came was from ground water. They got soaked up by the dirt I went down under Which then made them come to the sea.

My adventure was pretty crazy but I would love to do it again. The water cycle is very important and without it there may never be water.

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