Classical Era Timeline of Franz Joseph Haydn Kaylee Mills


Franz Joseph Haydn was born in Rohrau, Austria.


Haydn at age 6 was a clear musical talent from an early age. Haydn's parents couldn't afford to provide him with an education. He was sent to live with a nearby choirmaster and never returned home.


Haydn was at the age of 8 when he moved to Vienna working for a cathedral choir.


Haydn at the age of 17 was kicked out of choir and left homeless. He was known as a prankster. He started a career as a freelance musician.


Haydn at the age of 18 started to study composition.


Haydn at the age of 27 started to compose his first symphony.


Haydn at the age of 29 appointed Kapellmeister for the Esterhazy family. He financially supported him for 29 years until 1790. Over time his popularity outside of the estate grew as well.


Haydn goes to England for 4 years. He composed 12 symphonies during his time in England. One of the symphonies he composed was "The London Symphonies).


Haydn goes back to work for the Esterhazys in Vienna but only for part-time.


Haydn died of old age.


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