The counter Reformation 18.2 Period 2

The society of Jesus- Under attack from the Protestant Reformation, leaders of the Catholic Church began to institute reforms. During the Counter Reformation reformers founded new religious orders.

the society of Jesus

Ignatius Loyola- In 1491 Ignatius Loyola was born in northern Spain. As a young man he entered military service and was seriously injured in battle. While he recovered Loyola read about the life of Jesus and the Catholic saints.

Ignatius Loyola

The Jesuits Influence-The Jesuits helped correct some of the abuses of the Catholic Church. With strict Jesuit training priests did a better job. They reached out to people in need. They helped the sick in hospitals and served the poor. The Jesuits also helped the Church expand its membership.

The Jesuits Influence

The Council of Trent- In 1545 pope Paul III called a series of meetings known as the Council of Trent. During these meetings, Catholic leaders sought ways to revive the moral authority of the Catholic Church and to stop the spread of Protestantism.

The council of Trent

Tradition prevails-At its meetings, the Council re-affirmed traditional Catholic doctrines that had been challenged by the Protestants. It rejected Luther's view of the Bible.The Bible, it said, is a source of truth, but it is not the only source.

Tradition prevails

The inquisition- The Church enforced the Council's decisions through the Inquisition. The Inquisition was a court setup by the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages to try people suspected of heresy.Those accused were assumed to be guilty of holding beliefs that violated Church teachings.


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