The Dragon Killer Written by amy castillo

It was a cold morning just like before. I got ready, put on my suit, and headed towards the station. My head was spinning with information and it just wouldn’t stop. This case was driving me insane…

My name is Rick Martinez and I'm a homicide supervisor in New York. Recently I've working on a case that was driving me insane. Fifteen homicides in ten cities for the past five years. This was the Dragon’s case. I’d been working on this since i was first assigned to homicide supervisor five years ago. This all started off because someone filed a missing person report for a woman, dark haired, 5’4, mid 20’s here in New York .

She was missing for 2 weeks and then found on a the street with a dragon stamp on her forehead. And the cycle continued for fifteen other woman for five years. The most recent one being one week ago here in New York City . Every time the team and I tried finding the murderer we always came upon a dead end, but this time it has to be different.

A call came in, they found the sixteenth body thrown on the corner of a street. I went to the crime scene knowing what to expect but this time something was off, it looked less organized. The body didn’t even have the dragon stamp on her forehead it was just laying there next to her, I noticed there was some fresh blood on it. We took samples to the lab and after a few days we were notified it wasn't the victim’s blood, but we didn’t know whose blood it was.

I immediately knew we had the Dragon Killer’s DNA, “It’s time to catch him I told the team". We ran the blood through the system and found him, his name was Gregory James. He had several properties in different states to his name,so we just went to the closest one. Once we got there, there was a lot of ground to cover so we all split up. I took the back and found a man sitting on a chair. It was Gregory he heard me and said “I have failed myself and others, there’s no other thing to do, I'm a disgrace” as he pointed a gun to his head. I tackled him and shoved him against the ground, he didn’t fight back or resist.

He was arrested and charged for his crimes, but there was one thing he said that never left my mind. Why could he have done a rookie mistake? He had been doing this for the past five years and our evidence always lead us to a dead end. He had never made a mistake before, why now? Suddenly, out of the blue it came to me when he said “ I’ve failed myself and the others.” What could that possibly mean, did he have partners? Was there something we were missing? Had justice not been served?

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Man on a chair-

Man being arrested-

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