Number The Stars Book Diary By Gilverto


I think war is bad that war is bad just seeing the soldirs coming home is incredalble of them coming home alive knowing how war looks like.


i feel anoyed that my neighboors park all across my yard almost every day they park.

if there were a war in my neighboorhood i would just warn people about the war if they don't listen then they are going to die.


i perdict that the book is going to be a boy will be in the middle of a battle that they are in the milltary and that the boy is trying to escape.

litery andAnilas

mom says "be one by many." I think this means to be alone but, to be in a gruop to pretect your self, and be in a group,to stay together to not let them see your face any where you go . I think she said that so that to let them be care full where ever they go

What would it look like for denmark and/or the johansens to be a bodyguard for the jews? I think that it would look bad for them to risk there lives for the king. Even though the king needs to pertected his people.


I predict that Annemarie is going to try to escape away from the soldiers,and avoid the soldiers to give her uncle Henry the basket.That she doesn’t even know what it is for. That now that Annemarie mom is all injured from her knee,and knowing that it is all scraped and her mom thinks that her knee is all broken.


Man Vs Man

Annemarie family were trying to fight the jews by trying to protect Ellen,and her family from acting to be Annemarie's sister. Also Ellen was trying to act that she was Lise,and no one even noticed the difference between Ellen and Lise when Lise was young to Ellen. Annemarie's dad was smart to cut out the picture that Lise was young,and on her ten or twelve.

Man Vs Nature

When Annemarie's mom runs towards to uncle Henry's house,but Annemarie's mom trips right in front of uncle Henry's house and Annemarie starts to get all worried about her mom and takes care of her mom

Man Vs Society

When Annemarie is trying to get Ellen her best friend out of the country of Denmark,and trying to get Ellen to Sweden for Ellen to be safe.From the jews because if they don't take Ellen right alway out of Denmark.The jews would take Ellen ,and possibly they would take Ellen right in front of Annemarie and that would be really harsh,or the jews might even kill Ellen right in front of Annemarie like how they did to Peter. Peter got killed because the jews some how found out that Peter was helping the germans get alway out of Denmark and Peter got caught and killed.

Man Vs Himself

It was when peter was hiding and trying to save the Rosen from the jews because.If they get the the Rosen then they might get them,and get them out of the country or they might kill the Rosen.By trying to escape out of the seguation that they are in,and trying to be safe. But even though they would not even be safe if they get out of the country any way because what if the seguation that they are in right now could go to all the way to Sweden because they just caught peter trying to take other people to Sweden and now its going to be hard for the people that


the theme is about bravery.when Annemarie family is trying to protect Ellen's family and trying to get them to Sweden to be all safe in the country. PETER WAS SO BRAVE TO BE HELPING THE ROseN'S FAMILY,BUT THE JEWS CAUGHT PETER TRYING TO SAVE THE ROSEN's and all the other jewish people. the night after he got caught the jews killed him by shooting his head,but for sure peter was really brave and protected of the rosen's.

I believe that the theme is that putting your all in to something that you would actually protect.

Vocabulary Words

lanky and stocky

"she was ten-years old,unlike lankly Annemarie".(pg1)

Based on this sentence, stocky sounds like the word stiff , and lanky sounds like the word loose. these words are discribing a character's looks

lanky means tall and skinny. stocky means bulky or thikset.

suffex:-y, relating to or filled with; other words:messy,cheesy,lucky



pg 50



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