General John Stricker Middle School Showcase! "Flower Power" by: Kamaya Richards, 7th grade

Background: "My Home" by: Abigail Evans, 8th grade

March 13th marked the last day of in school instruction at GJSMS. However, this was not the last day of learning...
"Nature Collage" by: Ethan Warner, 7th grade

Background: "Constructive Sidewalk" by: Ava Powell, 6th grade

GJSMS students and faculty rose to the circumstances presented by Covid-19 and thrived!
"My Colorful Life!" by Marissa Meszaros 6th grade

Background: "Perspective of the River Thames" by: Emily Perseghin, 8th grade

Let's take a look at some of the great work our GJSMS community created this year.
"Found Poetry Project" by: Christopher Portillo-Gutierrez, 8th grade

Background: "We are all Connected" by: Amy Flores, 8th grade

Some of our experiences included performing! Check out this great show from our ORchestra.

Background: "So Happy to See You!" by: Caden Wise, 7th grade.

Some of our experiences took us on adventures to different places (aka: field Trips!!!!). Lets dive into some of our trips...

Background: "Student working with clay"

Students in Mrs. Rabideau's classes worked with A professional artist to create a permanent ceramic mural that celebrates biodiversity of Maryland wildlife. in addition to celebrating biodiversity, this mural includes both English and Spanish which celebrates our Community's linguistic diversity. Lets take a look at their final product!

Background: "Radial Flower Painting" by: Dayhia Mcilwain, 7th grade

With all this art making and adventure taking, there seems to be little left to talk about... but at GJSMS, this is never the case! Let's take a look at all the great artwork the students of gjsms created this year...

Background: "Seashell Pattern" By: Joshua Miller, 8th Grade

some of our best artists, at GJSMS, participate in an active chapter of the national junior art honor society. let's take a look and see some of the great artwork and lessons they learned this year...

Background: "Dolphin Fish" by: Andrew Wagner, Art Teacher

in addition to our students, our faculty were busy making their own artwork! lets take a look and see what they created this school year.
"Thanksgiving Dinner" -GJSMS faculty 2019-2020

As the school year comes to a close, we continue to look forward to our return to school. We are excited to see our Stricker family next year, and we hope you have a safe and productive summer. Always remember..."Don't Hide Your Stricker Pride!"