Local Government of Pulaski By: Mikayla Williams

Address of Town Hall: 585 East Glenbrook, Dr.

Issues discussed in meeting:

Power wash water tower: Wash water tower.

Rezoning part of the village: Change the zoning of the village by the polka grounds to light industrial to attract more business.

Open bid memorial park shelter with a bathroom: Build a new building and put bathrooms in the shelter at the polka grounds.

Drew names for ballot placing in spring: Drew numbers to find order of names on ballot.

Adopted 2017 operating budget for village of Pulaski: Determined the amount of money available for the day to day business.

Issue: Building a shelter with bathrooms for memorial park. Building a shelter would allow citizens to have parties at the park.

The local government since this issue was introduced has build a new shelter with operating bathrooms. Citizens are allowed to have parties at the park.

I agree with how they are dealing with it because before the shelter they had no bathrooms at the park.

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