RABIES by Brandon Oddo and Mike Whiteside

Scientific name is Neurotropic Lyssavirus

it was discovered by Girolamo Fracastoro, an Italian physician in the 16th Century after he saw that it was killing both people and animals, although some records as old as the 23rd Century BC have writings that describe rabies. The country it was discovered in is not stated in any sources.


  • The virus works by causing an inflammation in the brain.
  • Early symptoms include fever and muscle weakness. From here the virus can turn into two diseases.
  • Furious Rabies causes the infected person to be hyperactive, aggressive, have problems swallowing, and excess saliva production.
  • Paralytic Rabies causes the infected person to experience paralysis and disorientation.
  • Both forms end with paralysis, coma, and death.


  • It is mostly transmitted by animals.
  • Bites or scratches from either a wild or domesticated animal can give someone rabies.
  • Some cases have been transmitted through cornea transplants.
  • It is not contagious and can only spread from animal to animal or animal to human. It cannot spread from human to human

Treatments and Prevention

  • Stay away from wild animals.
  • Get your pets a rabies vaccine.
  • Clean any bite marks or scratches as soon as possible after getting them.
  • If you do get bitten, get the vaccine to try to prevent it before it sets in.
  • There is no known cure for rabies and once full symptoms start showing it is usually fatal.


  • Early attempts at treating it led to modern day vaccines. Louis Pastuer gave a boy who had been bitten a weak form of the virus in 1885 and it saved him. This helped lead to modern vaccines.

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