Category Management Case Study Adobe global procurement: professional services portfolio

For your interview with me (Adam Lancaster), I'm asking you to step outside the box...away from the format of a traditional interview. Here's the request: prepare and present your recommended strategy to "Create Value in the Professional Services Portfolio at Adobe."


  • Please use data, figures, and facts to influence your audience (me) in a similar manner you would present to and influence a Senior Executive...after all, you'll be presenting to and influencing many Senior Executives in your new role!
  • Remember, we'll only have 45 min. to get through your strategy (and I'll be asking questions!)
  • With every strategy statement, please follow up with the "why" and also let me know how you plan on implementing
  • Make your assumptions clear and known
  • You must use PowerPoint
  • You may use as many external sources of information as you wish
  • E-mail me ( a copy of the presentation before arriving on-site for your interview AND print and bring 2 copies with you (one for you, one for me)
And's some information on the Professional Services Category


Professional Services encompasses: Tech Consulting, Finance Consulting, Business Process Consulting, Implementation, Translation/Localization, and Contingent Workforce.


  • Professional Services (PS) represents $200M (16%) of Adobe's addressable spend annually
  • Spend in the PS category has increased 3% annually over the past 3 years


  • The top 20 PS Providers account for 40% of the spend; remaining 60% driven by ~400 suppliers
  • Of the top 20 PS Providers, 3 have an established rate card with better-than-market pricing
  • Of the top 20 PS Providers, 2 have an established rate card with worse-than-market pricing
  • Of the top 20 PS Providers, 15 do not have established rate card - each engagement is negotiated.


  • 77 different Adobe orgs buy PS services
  • 673 different cost center managers purchase PS
  • Top 10 spenders represent 18% of spend
  • Next 10 spenders represent 4% of spend
  • Remaining 653 spenders represent remaining 78% of spend
That's it! You should be able to take the information I've provided and see opportunities to improve the health of the category...and if you're the successful candidate, we'll get to work implementing your strategy! I'm looking forward to hearing your great ideas soon!


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