Making rings out of wire and beads is a fun way to get your creative juices flowing. by Gigi Fox

Over the past few months many people have been trying to fill their time with new skills. I picked up ring-making and hopefully you can add rings to your collection of quarantine hobbies. These are super fun accessories that don't require lots of work or take up lots of time. You can choose the beads to make them customizable to you and your own unique style.

Materials needed: wire, beads and scissors.
Step 1: Take a long strand of wire and put it through the bead and repeat so the band is doubled up. You can pull on both sides of the wire to get the desired ring size.
Step 2: Cut the excess wire but leave a small amount to wrap around the band to secure the bead.
Final product: You can make these for anyone and have a super cute personalized addition to a gift or even for yourself.
Created By
Gigi Fox