How Customs Kept Japan's Society Structured By: Baltaj Kang

One custom that kept Japan structured was cultural diffusion. Cultural diffusion is how Japan got resources and ideas from other cultures. Cultural diffusion helped keep structure in society because it helped Japan get the things they needed and ideas that they didn't already have from different cultures. This matters because without cultural diffusion in Japan, the Japanese wouldn't have all the things that they do have and they wouldn't be as powerful since the resources and ideas they got from different cultures made Japan powerful and wealthy.

All the different cultures representing cultural diffusion

Another custom that Japan had that kept Japan structured was craftsmanship. This includes goods that they made, city plans, and architecture. This kept Japan structured because it helped Japan have the hand made goods that they needed, made by craftsman such as carvings, clothes, and furniture. Craftsmen also kept Japan structured by making architecture plans. This matters because without craftsmen Japan wouldn't have a lot of resources or buildings and houses/living spaces which would mean that a lot of people wouldn't have houses to live in and Japan wouldn't have that much wealth since they wouldn't have all the resources that they did if it wasn't for the craftsmen.

Japanese craftsman making a vase

One last custom that the ancient Japanese had that kept structure in their society was the very powerful soldiers Japan had who were called the Samurai. Samurai were very loyal to their lords and were also very skilled fighters. Samurai helped keep structure in the Japanese society by providing protection for peasants, farmers, and they protected their lord and their land. The samurai protecting the peasants and farmers kept structure in society because then then the peasants and farmers were protected from robbers and attackers. This meant that the peasants and farmers would feel safe and keep working and due to this the Japanese would be provided food. The samurai protecting the lord and their land matters because then if a killer or robber comes to the lord since he is wealthy to steal his valuable belongings or if someone doesn't like him and wants him dead the samurai would protect the lord from that.

A samurai practicing his fighting skills


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