Reflections on philosophy Nick smith (unit 1)

I am excited to take this class because the teacher is relatable and cool, and the class is going to be enjoyable just because I like my classmates and the study of philosophy as a whole. Jan 19th

Not being known in life is to not live at all, to not be known widely is to not even exist.

Jan 20, rainy morning. TEN COMMANDMENTS OF PHILOSOPHY 1. Always wonder and love to wonder for it will keep you going 2. Trust nothing and no one until you find a justified true belief (knowledge) 3. Once the truth is found, fear not but accept it and don't allow the truth to overwhelm you. 4. If you run into a problem in life, divide it into sections and take care of it in different ways at separate times 5. Think on what you have and gather as much as you can, so you can then put together what you've collected into one big, project. 6. Find things that could potentially dethrone you of your position, and find mistakes or counter examples that you could fix in the near future. 7. Be willing to notice flaw, what we believe in isn't always right so don't be afraid to ask for help, and don't think too highly of yourself, but also don't fear to expand your views and exit your comfort zone. Instead of making things much more complicated than they should be, just take the easy path and ride the wave. 9. Never live in a lie, even if you don't like the truth if it is fact, you MUST agree with it and live by it. 10. Pull out motivation just for the fact that you want to learn and achieve farther progress towards your enlightenment.

I believe Socrates definition of wisdom would be something along the lines of someone filled with knowledge, but knows their limits as a person in the world and the things they know, can do, etc. &&&&& I could Apply the Socratic method in my life by questioning how things work and why things happen, just to never stop wondering.

I would have most likely followed confuscious just because the thought of morality and doing just things to lead up to living a good life.

Something I that was interesting that i found while researching my timeline of philosophy is that analytic philosophy dominated the 20th century.

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