Good life nature activity at FLMNH Zoelmys Ramos

Nature on display

My favorite display was the Butterfly Exhibit and Garden. The hallway leading to it had butterflies on the ceiling, and hundreds of them pinned on the walls. This made the experience feel very magical. The garden, with its jungle-like display, reminded me a lot of the rain forests from my island, Puerto Rico.

Butterfly Exhibit and Butterfly Garden, Photographs by Me

Nature and Ethics

Even though the museum had an environmental impact section, I feel that Native Americans best represent the balance and respect between humans and the environment. In the display boxes were things that the tribes trades; all natural resources they deemed valuable. Native Americans recognized the beauty of nature and wanted to harness it, but understood that it was living system and everything needed to be in balance. I think we should continue that mentality.

Native American Exhibit, Photographs by Me

Nature and the Human Spirit

This particular exhibit is a stronger reminder that us humans are as large and powerful as we like to think. I am pretty sure I could fit in that Megladon's mouth standing upright inside it. With that in mind, we should remember that we too are animals and no different than the ones we put on display. Therefore, we should not treat animals and the environment like a foreign entity.

Florida Fossil Exhibit, Photographs by Me
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