Why Creative Writing is Dying. Payton Moeller

Creative writing had been around for years, but recently the trend of writing in general is starting to die. Instead of putting thoughts onto paper, people would rather play on their phones or go on social media. “But experts say handwriting is being sacrificed for the sake of technology's convenience” (Matthew Casey, Special to CNN).“ Although, there are also some people like me that would rather write everything. I’m not saying that playing on your phone is bad because let’s be honest we all do it and cell phones and the internet are just parts of everyday society now. But creative writing is dying and I don’t believe that we should just allow it to fall out of your hands.”"Texting played a role in it because people are trying to write quick short sentences, People aren't using their minds and they are relying on technology to make the decisions for them."(Matthew Casey, Special to CNN) Writing is a very good way to express how you feel without actually telling anyone. For example, some types of poetry are just people’s emotions put out into a form, or a sense organization for feelings.

Kate Johnson is one such poet who carries on this necessary art of capturing emotions within poetry. She shows that she is lost daydreaming while she has looking for someone. Kate Johnson is one of the many poets that conveys emotion into poetry.

The Meadow by Kate Johnson .

About the soul, but I left thinking

The meadow shows a pretty clear message of the emotion but other poets do not make it so easy. This is what is fun about being a writer, you have a limitless mind full of imagination just waiting to be put onto paper. Once you put the image on paper you are allowed to go anyway you would like to with it. There is really no boundaries when it comes to creative writing. Writing is a beautiful source of creativity; and it’s very sad that some day the world of creative writing is going to come to an end. I wish that never happens because there is so much that younger societies need to know. Like how it is okay to be creative and actually want and enjoy to write. Some may think that writing is “uncool/boring” but creative writing is the best thing ever. Like I state before you can let out an immense amount of emotion and feel so much better. There are so many different ways people can express themselves through creative writing that people don’t know or don’t care to understand. I wish someday society will realize that writing is beautiful and comprehend that writing means so much more than social media. Which is hard to believe for most teenagers because we live in a technology age, which I personally hate. Which now leads me into how we can try to fix this problem. Try turning off the cell phone and grabbing a paper and pen and let your mind just spill freely.

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