Cairo, Egypt Culture and lifestyles


  • Formal education is very important to the people of Cairo.
  • They take a test similar to the SAT and if they pass they get to go to an American college.
  • The city has the largest number of schools and institutions of higher education in Egypt.
  • They have a majority of schools that focus on certain subjects such as government.

Traditions (birth and death)

  • The birth of the first son is a momentous event. After the birth the mother and the father will be called Umm and Abu. If the son is named Ali then the father will be named Abu Ali, same goes for the mother.
  • Egyptians are careful to never praise the child with beauty without saying "Mash'allah" meaning thanks to be god.
  • When a person dies it is a significant event. The person is usually buried before sundown on the day of death or at the least three days.


  • In Egypt dinner is held at about 9:00 or 10:00, the meal the meal that they eat at dinner is mezza dishes or lunch leftovers.
  • A common dish is Kushari, A mixture of rice, pasta, lentils, and a spicy tomato sauce topped with a hot sauce and fried onions.

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