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Brief description of what the Apple iPad is and includes.

Apple introduces the new iPad Pro. This brand has released and amazing piece of technology that is more than the next generation of iPad it’s an unshakeable vision of personal computing for the modern world. It puts incredible power at the tips of your fingers that easily replaces the capacity and magnitude of most portable PCs . It makes even complex work as natural as touching, swiping or writing with a pencil. The iPad has many spectacular features including a high-consistency speaker in each corner. The iPad Pro creates a rich, wide and detailed sound stage. It automatically adjusts the orientation of the high frequencies to the top speakers, no matter how you’re holding it. So whether you’re playing a game or watching a movie, you and your ears will be completely immersed. Another feature on the new iPad pro is the newest keyboard that can be connected to your iPad so that you can type anywhere anytime just like your everyday computer. This iPad is the future, It has many different sizes e.g. the 12.9-inch model or the 9.7-inch model, iPad Pro is more capable, versatile and portable than anything that’s come before. The iPad pro also comes in many different colours including silver, space grey, rose gold and gold. If This iPad had to be described in one word it would be astonishing.

An analysis of the key factors which affected your choice of the good. Consider product reviews, competing products, price, marketing, branding, environmental considerations.

The reason I chose the iPad pro is because of how well the brand is put together. The simple apple symbol is so easy to identify because of how well they promote their company and brand. so I choose an Apple product because of the convenience it is to me and many other consumers to find , buy discover and explore. Apple also has some extremely hard competition with other technology enterprises e.g. Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft and Google. These extremely large and thriving companies are Apples largest leading competitors in 2017 of the. Since Apple is such a large industry growing everyday the prices are quite high but very reasonable for the quality and length of time you will have your iPad The apple products iPad comes in to sizes the 12.9-inch model or the 9.7-inch model the 12.9-inch model comes at a decent price of $1,149 and the 9.7- inch is $849. This company is really taking it to the next step by introducing in the company how they care and want whats best for the environment . their creating new solar energy projects to reduce their carbon footprint. their switching to greener materials to create safer products and manufacturing processes. their protecting working forests and making sure they are managed sustainably. their even creating a more mindful way to recycle devices using robots.

They now have a robot who can create u to 1.2 million phones a year. Heres a video

Outline where (source and location) you will buy your good, justifying your choice.

Another great reason why apple iPad pro and many more of their items are such great good's is because you can by it anywhere you want e.g. online, through people and in stores and all around the world. Apple is expanding and it is super convenient for anyone looking for an amazing piece of technology

Identify two alternatives for payment of your good. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using each.Which method will you use and why?

There are to different ways you can pay for your iPad through Debit card and credit card but there are also to ways you buy it its either online or going into an apple store. here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to each method. Advantages paying with credit card - you don't have to worry that there wont be enough money unless your credit card limit is below the price if the good Disadvantages for using a credit card - your not spending your own money so you will have to pay the bank back at the end of the month advantages of using a debit card - you wont have to pay anyone back at the end of the month because your spending your own money disadvantages of using a debit card - your spending all of your own money and if you don't have enough than you cant bye it. Personally I would use credit because then at the end of the month i would have saved up enough to pay the bank back

Imagine, unfortunately, there is a problem with your good following your purchase. Create a flowchart showing the process of resolving the issue. You should include reference to the law in this area.

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