Canbury School Newsletter 14th February 2020. issue 184

Dear Parents and Visitors

Valentine's Day at Canbury was banned today, apart from the Valentine assembly, of which I knew nothing, until it began! It wasn't about lurvvvve, more about the things we love. We heard about Freddie's love for his electric guitar, Karim's love of airlines, Evia and Oli B's view that loving yourself first is important, Olivia Mac's love of dogs, Thomas's love of Chinese food and finally Angus's love of Minecraft. (I learnt more about Minecraft in his three minutes than I have in six years at Canbury.) The assembly finished with Year 7 and Mrs Bowen sharing the love by showering the whole Canbury family with red rose petals!

A reminder that we have our first combined Year 7/Sixth Form parents' evening on Thursday 27th February when we return from half term break. This will run from 5-7pm and Mr Natt has already sent appointment times.

I hope everyone enjoys next week's break and comes back energised for another action-packed half term.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Thomas aka Manuel for his excellent achievement of 100% in his Spanish reading assessment and writing a masterpiece in his Spanish written assessment!

Freddie, Angus, Layla and Chloe for their positive approach to area and perimeter in Mathematics this week.

Chloe B for excellent engagement throughout our health related fitness unit of work in PE this half- term.

Year 8

Wonderful role plays in the Spanish restaurant from all the Year 8 Spanish students. Says Mrs Porter: "I was particularly impressed with those who had learned their lines off by heart and brought in their own props."

Anders and Flora for the welcome and support of visiting students this week.

Kyrell for making huge progress in football this term in Games.

And here's Carl, who Mrs Smith says has been working incredibly hard on his Keith Haring self portrait sculpture project. "A huge well done!" she says. 

Year 9

Really good effort in Spanish this week from Ain.

Matthew, Larry and Otti for their enthusiasm at the Royal Institute Maths Masterclasses at Kingston University, see below for further details.

Lucas & Kiran for excellent effort and engagement during our boxercise session in PE.

Year 10

Armani and Harry for their impressive work in their Spanish GCSE extended writing task.

Harry B did an amazing narration of his lunch time and yoga class and shared his interesting opinion about Oscar awards during his 1:1 session. Well done Harry!

Victor, Max & Aansh for excellent effort and engagement during our boxercise session in PE.

Writes Mr Sutton: "Year 10 completed a practical last week looking at the effect that light intensity has on photosynthesis. They measured the PH of algae ball under a light then recorded the PH change. Most were WILTING by the end, and wanted to take their LEAVE." Mr Sutton is on his first verbal warning for appalling puns. We suggest he doesn't give up the day job.
If you have any allergies please let Mrs Veacock and Mr Bourgi know, so they can ensure you get the correct cake to decorate.

Mathematics on a SATURDAY?! That's above and beyond.

Writes Otti in Year 9: "For the last four weekends, Matthew, Larry and I have been going every Saturday for two-and-a-half hours, to a Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclass at Kingston University. We have joined children from all across the boroughs of Kingston and Richmond and have had four different speakers come in and teach us. We have learnt about all sorts of interesting angles of Mathematics which aren’t normally covered in GCSE syllabus and sometimes not even in A-Level syllabus. We have, for example, covered the meaning of the imaginary number, 'i' (or the square root of -1) and percentage chance of spread - amongst a whole host of other interesting topics. Last week we had some prospective Mathematics teachers come in and do a fun competition competing for prizes. It is fair to say we have had a great time (even if we are doing two-and-a-half hours of Maths on a Saturday morning) and are very much looking forward to the last two lessons after half-term. At the end of the course we will receive a Royal Institution Certificate and I’m sure there will be a picture of all of us with our certificates, looking very proud, in a future issue of the newsletter! Thank you very much to Miss Boyle for organising this and even coming along and helping out at a lesson, we really appreciate it!


Sports timetable for this next half term

Boxercise is proving very popular with Canbury students.

House Awards

Shaaiyon - Gold + Green Stars 150 HP

Angus - Gold star 100 HP

Some more stunning photographs from the GCSE Art, Craft and Design class. This time from Cate who is also looking at and exploring the theme of Concealment. Great work Cate. *Can you guess which part of the body Cate is concealing in the third photograph? Answer at the end of the newsletter.

Meet the member of staff

We all know the real boss at Canbury - no, not Ms Clancy - it's Ned. This week we decided to ask Ned to share some of his innermost thoughts with us. We think you'll agree, it's a dog's life through and through!



Our Ned. Photo by Alannah.

What's the best thing about being at Canbury?

The cuddles from the students and staff. I can literally spend all day being stroked and petted.

What does a typical day look like?

I arrive quite late at school, around 11am, after I've had a good old run around Richmond Park. Then I tear straight upstairs to Mrs Branney's office, where I spend the rest of the day. Students pop by for cuddles and to play, and if I don't feel like being sociable, I creep right under Mrs Branney's desk for a snooze, and everyone knows that means I've had enough and then they leave me alone.

Favourite thing to do at school?

I love running around the playground and barking. It seems to annoy the dogs in the house next door. I can't imagine why. I also like going to visit the Bursar - she has a bag of doggy treats in her office, so if I escape, you will usually find me lurking hopefully, and patiently, outside her room waiting for her to let me in.

If you could change one thing about Canbury, what would it be?

I think more dogs would be good. Dogs definitely have a calming effect and I hear humans saying I work wonders with people when they are feeling sad or angry. I don't what what they mean - I just LOVE all the attention I get here.

*Cate was concealing her knees!