Forget & Forgive By: Dylan Stafford

Introduction: In some situations committing a crime is just as hard as forgiving the guilty. It 's easy to point fingers but every person has their own perspective on the story. In the Fambu Tok program it is displayed how forgiveness is the step in the right direction. Sin is spread throughout the world but forgiveness closely follows.

1. Mothers Forgiveness- After a Iranian man was murdered, the killer was on his way to be executed. Moments before he was sent to his death the mother of the victim, Alinejad, spoke up. “retribution had been her only thought” (Hervey, 2016). She decided to pardon the man instead of letting him be killed like her son. This last minute action of forgiveness saved his life.

2.Charles Roberts- In 2006, during a school day in an Amish community, Charles Roberts walked into the schoolhouse armed with three guns. After allowing fifteen boys and one pregnant female students to safely leave, Charles began shooting before police could help. In this act he killed two students then himself. "In an extraordinary demonstration of forgiveness, members of the Amish community, including family members of the deceased victims, attended Robert’s funeral and comforted his widow" (Garcia, 2014). Along with this the community also provided financial aid for the widow.

3.Immaculee Llibagiza-In 1994 a genocide broke out in Rwandan causing a girl, Llibagiza, to flee and leave her family behind. She was made to share a one meter bathroom with seven other women for three months in order to hideout. Llibagiza learns that her family was murdered during the genocide as she hid. Instead of holding a grudge, she decided to forgive those that took her families life. She even met with one face-to-face to personally forgive him. "From the unimaginable pain she had endured, Ilibagiza has managed to do a great amount of good and make the world a little bit of a better place" (Garcia, 2014).

4. Benghazi Ronnie Smith-A chemistry teacher, Ronnie Smith, and his wife decided to move to Benghazi in order to help those struggling to survive. Their intentions to help came to a halt when Ronnie was shot and killed while jogging one morning. Even though the gunman was never caught, Ronnie's wife wrote a letter saying "I love you and forgive you. How could I not? For Jesus taught us to 'love our enemies' — not to kill them or seek revenge" (familyshare, para. 4).

5. Rachelle's Push-At the end of Rachelle Friendman's bachelorette party she decided to go for a swim with her friends. Horsing around, one of her friends pushed her into the pool without realizing how shallow it was. Rachelle ended up paralyzed after breaking her neck. She came to forgive her friend "I love her and have no grudge," (familyshare). and ended up marrying her husband a year later.

Conclusion: Forgiveness is one of the hardest tasks a person could achieve, especially when the crimes that have been done are severe. It is a mental challenge that it met head on with thoughts both for and against the decision. Most of the time the decision is a one way street that can never be overturned, stuck for life. This is why those that chose to forgive in the Fambu tok program are incredibly brave along with those in similar situations above.

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