Tattoos on the Heart Book Project By cole pieper

Preface and Introduction: This part of the book is talking about why he wrote the book. Father G wanted to write about God, Jesus, compassion, kinship, redemption, and mercy. He worked at the Dolores Mission and Homeboy Industries. My favorite story was about Ramiro and his tattoo. I liked it because he didn't think about how it would affect him getting a job. I enjoyed how Father G removed it for him and got him a job about the bakery. If I was troubled like Ramiro, i would love someone helping me out.

Chapter 1: God, I Guess The theme of this chapter is finding God in tough situations. That story that impacted me the most in this chapter was Cesar's story. He had nothing coming out of jail and Father G clothed him. You can tell how much Father G means to Cesar. He calls him his father and Father G calls him his son. They tell each other that nothing will separate them. Cesar found God and it sure did pay off.

Chapter 2: Dis-Grace The theme of the chapter is that nobody is a disgrace in the face of God, no matter what they have done. I really enjoyed the story of Lula. I like how funny and he is and how much Father G cares about him. I liked the part where he had all Fs but he was ecstatic about his perfect attendance. I also feel empathy for him about his special needs. I just hope he stays as happy as he is and that everyone is nice to him.

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