Eadweard Muybridge presentation by Celia Brown

Eadweard Muybridge (Edward James Muggeridge) was born April 9, 1830 (Kingston Upon Thames) and died May 8th, 1904

Not much is known about his childhood and adolescent life, besides that he immigrated to the United States when he was 20 to open a bookstore.

He had no plans of going into photography when he first went to the States, But he was hired by Leland Stanford to photography a moving horse to prove that at some point all four feet were off the ground.

His camera did not have a fast enough shutter at the time, and so he ended up building a 2/1000 shutter that helped him with motion photography.

Muybridge was well known for his movement studies with photography as well as his landscape photography. He spent most of his photography career going around Central America and Mexico, photographing landscape and models.

His photography was important to art, science, and was actually some of the leading pieces into frame by frame animation.

His photography is important because f the reasons stated above, but I love it because it was leading into animation and it's super helpful from an anatomical standpoint.

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