All About Me "If there's a book out there that you want to read, but it has't been written yet, then you must write"

Me with one of my best friends!

I'm literally a bookworm. You'll always see my nose in a book!

Even then, I love spending time with my family! Including my sister,Ridhdhi.

My brother's name is Kunj. He's an awesome older brother, even though I have to share MY things with him!

Not only do I have two siblings, but I also have a pretty large family! This is only one of my many cousins. I still love him like a younger brother. Isn't he cute?

My Best Friends!

I love my friends! They've been there for me ever since I started going to Lake Oconee Academy! Not only are they supportive, but they're all different fro each other. That makes my day even more colorful!

The video above is a video I made in my technology class with one of my best friends Maya!!

I'm in seventh grade!!

Yep! That's right! I am in seventh grade! I play percussion in Band, Clarinet in Jazz and Pep Band, and Drum set in Jazz Band!! I enjoy all of my classes! My friend like me fo me in every single way and I feel the same way!

Me with my family!!

As I said before, I have an awesome older brother ad funny younger sister! But I also have two AWESOME parents! My mom's name is Bhavana, but people call her Mona. My dad's name is Dinesh but,people call him Danny!

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