::Coparative Traits:: madalyn rodriguez

Washington vs Madalyn -Diligent-

consistent in effort to accomplish something; attentive and persistent in doing anything

Madalyn: I think of myself as being diligent, because I'm very hard workings. I also don't stop until i accomplish something. This trait is neutral,because its good to want to get things doe or accomplished but sometimes i don't know when to stop. I may go ''over board''with the smallest things.If i was to be president I would want to be known as diligent so that way people would trust me to get things done.

Washington: George is very diligent.He also didn't know how to stop, he was almost too diligent. Everyone trusted him because they knew he could get it done. For being president, being diligent is a great thing.But at the same time, it is also a neutral trait, because he didn't know when something as done or good enough.

Adams vs Madalyn -Secluded-

withdrawn from or involving little human or social activity

Madalyn: I may come off as secluded because some days i might just not be in the mood and i can be very quiet and distant.This is a negative trait because as being a president this its not good to be. I wouldn't want to be known as distant or cold,because then people may be afraid or nervous to come up to me or trust me.

Adams: Jhon Adams was secluded because he was very quiet and was always more behind the scenes. He never really put himself out there. This is also a negative trait because people thought he wasn't trust worth and cold. Also,he was having to break out of the ice scene he was always following Washington.

Jefferson vs Madalyn -Reassuring-

To restore to assurance or confidentce

Madalyn: I think of myself as reassuring because I'm always people's confidence and cheering on others.This is a positive thing because if I were to be president I would want others to think that I'm supportive.Also, I would want them to feel safe whip I serve as president.

Jefferson: This relates to Jefferson,because he was wanting to have a strong federal government to make the states safe.This is a postutive trait,because why would you want a president that isn't wanting to unsure your safety or for the states? Jefferson was always wanting others to feel secure.

Madison vs Madalyn -Apprehensive-

Uneasy or fearful about something that might happen

Madalyn: I can be very Apprehensive at times but not all the time. I'm always on the tip of my toes when I am though.This is a nuetral trait,because it can fall both ways.For example it's good to be aware of your surroundings. Also, it's bad to be too apprehensiVe because if your reacting to crazy you might mess things up for yourself.I wouldn't want to be know as being too apprehensive.

Madison: James Madison was apprehensive as well. He was apprehensive, because he never outspoken himself, he was more like a "wild goose". For being a president this is a negitive trait.As being president you need to be ready for the impossible,but quiet frankly Madison wasn't.

Monroe vs Madalyn -Uplifting-

Inspirational;offering of providing hope,encoragment,salvation,ect.

Madalyn: I'm uplifting because I'm always wanting what's best for everyone.This is a positive trait,because why would you want to be discouraging or hateful. To me I would want people to treat me with the same amount of respect I give them. I would want to be known as a person someone they can turn on and trust.

Monroe: James Monroe is uplifting because to improve the states and make the citizens feel hope/trust that he's got Americas back.This is also a positive trait because as president that gave him that great leadership


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