analysing camera shots fast 8

extreme close up

The foot in this shot is a extreme close up the film is about cars and the person is driving the car this is important because the film id about cars and this show they are driving the car and this tells the audience that the person is in the car and they are staring to go faster.

close up

This is a close up form fast 8 and this is a close up of two characters and this is important because this show their facial expressions they look worried when they are trying to escape this tells the audience that they might be doing something bad which they are also they can see the fire in the backround so that could mean they have done something bad.

medium close up shot

This is a medium close up shot from fast 8 and he is in prison this is a good shot because you can see what clothes he is in and you can see he is in prison. in the film he is a cop and this tells the audience that he is a bad cop also that you can see that he is angry from his facial expressions and his body language show that he is ready for a fight. This also tells there audience that sorting bad might happen after that scene.

long shot

This is a long shot of the officers taking the the cop to the cell and you can see that the person is strong and maybe important because four people are around him this could tell the audience that where he is by the outfits they wearing and where he is which is in prison and his body language and you can see his hands are closed and are like he is ready to punch someone.

extreme long shot

This is a extreme long shot the the group walking into the garage you can see that there are really expensive cars in their and this shot is effictive because it makes the people look smaller and the cars bigger because the cars are more important. This tell the audience that they are good at driving and they look like they are important in they film if they are getting given cars of their choice.

establishing shot

This is a establishing shot of the city at the start of the fast 8 and this could show where the film could be set or a part of where it is set and its a good shot because they have to lights on the city

high angle shot

This is a high angle shot from fast and furious it is effective because it makes her look weak and because she is on the floor this tells the audience that she maybe loosing a fight and you can see the glass behind her.

low angle shot

This is a low angle shot from fast 8 and is a low angle shot it is effective because it makes the guy look bigger than he actually is and you can see that he is on a motor sledge and is a sunny day he also has body amour on so he could be a important person maybe someone in the army. this effects the viewer because they want to see what happens after that shot because you cant see whats infront of him.

two shot

This is a two shot from fast 8 and you can see two enemies which are in prison together and the police are around them ready to shoot at him and you can see in their face that they don't like each other this tells the audience that something else might happen again in the film.

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