My Pregency Journal By daniel fraNco

Weeks 1-12

So today me and Emma got the great news that she is pregnant. The nurse said that Emma is roughly 4 weeks pregnant so we still have quite a while to go. I have so many explosions of emotions inside of me right now, I feel a sense of joy and happiness and I'm overwelmed. I have this weird sense I've never felt before of achievement, success and over all happiness knowing that me and my wife are bringing new life into the world. Emma seems extremely exited just like me but I think she is feeling a whole new sense of emotions that I'm not even close to sensing. Although this is great news I'm slightly over thinking things and I can't help but to feel how much of a task this is for Emma to uphold and the pain from what I heard will be unbearable. Although I'm thinking of the worst, like a misscarage or health problems. I'm sure we will come out of this amazing chapter in our lives just fine and as happy as can be. Just over a week after finding out that she's expecting, Emma is going through some serious emotional changes. Just like the thoughts I had when we first found out, Emma is also now thinking of the worst and even breaks into tears terrified that something could go wrong and end in disaster. I'm always making sure I'm supporting her to the best of my ability and reassuring her that we will get through this together and that things will be fine. Sometimes I can't help but feel sorry for her. I understand the emotions she's going though and with her being the one that's pregnant she will feel and experience things that I'm nowhere near experiencing. Even though that's a major burden, I hope that I can do my best in supporting her and making sure that she's stays as positive as she can. I've been doing some research just to make sure I'm just as informed and as into this as Emma is. According to some stuff, I found out that the baby is only the size of a full stop or poppy seed this week and is just barely visible. There is also a lot of cell development going on. Some of the cells developing are the ectoderm (outer layer), eventually becomes the baby’s skin, eyes, hair, their nervous system, their brain, and even the enamel of their teeth. The middle layer (mesoderm) will become their skeleton, muscles and kidneys, tissues and vascular (blood) system. The layer on the inside (endoderm) will eventually become their internal organs.

Emma is now about 9 weeks pregnant and the emotional changes are still taking its toll on Emma. She is feeling tired and nauseous at times but I've been doing my best to support her and she's feeling a bit better about it. It's too early to notice any major physical changes but Emma says she can see her veins more clearly and is experiencing cramps. She's also lost her appetite and when I cooked a barbecue on Wednesday, the smell of the meat completely turned her off. Some of the physical changes the baby is currently going through is that it's now the size of a green olive! It's ears are developing on the inside and out, its eyes have grown bigger, its formed a tiny tongue and tooth buds and you can hear it's heart beat.

Emma is now 12 weeks pregnant and she's almost at the end of her first trimester, how exciting! Emma's says she's feeling more energetic and like her old self, her sense of appetite is returning and the smell of some foods doesn't turn her off anymore, so it looks like we will be having another barbecue on Sunday. Emma is still experiencing a few emotional changes and they've seemed to amp up slightly this week. She is thinking of the worst again and she's been researching things that can go wrong at birth so I'm making sure that she's not taking her research too seriously and that she's in a happy mood and making sure that she's using her increased sense of energy for things that make her happy and don't put her down. Emma is experiencing some physical changes such as her nipples size increasing and getting darker. It's said around now that Emma should be experiencing an increase in blood volume which will give her the "pregnancy glow" everyone talks about. I don't really notice anything much other than, her face is much fuller but it doesn't matter to me Emma has always been beautiful inside and out in my eyes. The baby is now the size of a ripe plumb this week and is constantly kicking, moving and stretching. The baby's bone marrow is beginning to be produced as well as blood cells and the intestines are contracting and relaxing. Weeks 12-18 are major for the baby's brain development. Even though Emma hasn't touched any dangerous drugs that can harm the baby, she's being even more careful not to eat even meals that contain the smallest bit of alchohol, which is slightly overtop if you ask me, but I understand her concern and I don't blame her.

Weeks 13-27

Emma is now around 13 weeks pregnant and on Wednesday we went to the doctors and we got to hear our babies heart beat. It was such a sureal experience and to celebrate I cooked up that barbecue I said I'd make which Emma enjoyed it for the first time in a while since the smell of meat doesn't turn her off too much anymore. Emma is feeling better but she said she still can feel a slightly uncomfortable and has a sluggish feel in her bowel, but it doesn't bother her too much but still more than she'd prefer. I can barely but just notice that her stomach is slightly more rounder than usual which means the baby must be growing at a good rate. Sadly because of work I can't always be at every doctors appointment with Emma but luckily she is enjoying sitting down in the waiting room and gossiping with the other mothers and she says she feels like she a part of a group of some kind. We've got an ultra sound on Tuesday so that's exiting and I've made sure that I can go to work later so I can take Emma to the ultrasound and then drop her home and head to work. So it's Tuesday now and Emma and I just got back from the ultrasound. We've made sure we don't know the babys gender yet, so it's a surprise. Regardless, the whole experience was amazing and it gave me a whole new interrpretation of life, and all of a sudden now, this pregnency thing is beginning to seem so real to the both of us. The nurse at the ultra sound informed us that this week the baby is preparing its vocal chords and that the connections between its brain, muscles and nerves have all formed.

Emma is now 22 weeks pregnant and she is experiencing quite a handful of physical changes. Her baby bump is increasing in size, she feels breathless at times and feels as if her lung capacity has decreased. She is experiencing some heartburn, indigestion and constipation. Also, her ankles are beginning to get swollen. So yeah, she is experiencing quite a handful of physical changes and that's not to mention the emotional changes. She is experiencing small cases of amnesia and at time she forgets she's pregnant and doesn't remember till the afternoon. This can be quite stressful for her and sometimes she breaks down into tears but I'm always by her side to offer her comfort. Things are beginning to get real for the both of us, Emma especially, and we've been having many discussions lately, one of them being brainstorming names for the baby. Thinking of a name for the baby is hard for me because I assioate names with a face and look at people and think "oh they must be a Hunter" but somehow I've come up with a list of names for a boy and a girl. My list is not as long and mighty as Emma's but I think it might be helpful. Emma and I both wrote the names Luke and Leia on our lists and we both quite like the names, so who knows we may already have a name for the baby. The baby is developing muscles as well as finger nails. Depending on the gender, it's uterus will be forming or its testes will begin to move from its abdomen.

It's now the 27th week into Emma's pregnency and she is experiencing just as many physical changes as the weeks prior. Her stomach size is increasing to accomodate for the child and her ribs are also opening slightly, shes also experiencing carpel tunnel syndrome which is a numbness and tingling sensation in the hand caused by a pinched nerve. She is feeling very tired in the afternoons and is struggling to get to sleep, so to help she is trying to go to bed earlier in the evening, around an hour after we have dinner. On the emotional side of things Emma are both begging to get exited with her being well over half way into her pregnency. Me and Emma and I have been having some talks lately, discussing the changes our child could have on our relationship. Other than that I'll be taking Emma to an oppoint on Monday to make sure things are all fine with her and the baby. Emma and I just got back from the appointment and the doctor told us everything is fine and he also explained some of the changes that the baby's going through this week. He said the baby is growing quickly and is between 27-38 centimetres, fat is growing under its skin and around its organs and it has learnt to soothe itself.


Emma is now 28 weeks pregnant and there are only around 10 weeks left until she gives birth. The anticipation is growing inside of both of us and we can't wait to start our family. We are so close now and we have been planning so many things. I won't lie, it's been stessful for the both of us. Emma had a baby shower, and from the sounds of it, it went really well. Tons of Emma's friends came, even Bennie Wright! Emma's friends were so nice, they bought us plenty of things for the baby, so I'd say we are beyond prepared now. We've got the babies room painted in a nice cream colour so it's gender neutral, since we don't know the babies gender yet, and I've also bought a crib and a change station. Emma's friends got us a baby monitor, nappies and some other things, so now we are fully prepared. Emma is experiencing more physical changes as always and you can definitely tell the babies getting bigger cause her stomach has got way bigger. Her foot and calf have merged giving hers kankles. She is also rapidly growing out of clothes, because of her baby bump, so we are going shopping on Saturday for some more pregnency clothes to make sure she has something comfortable to wear in the last trimester of her pregnency. Emma is feeling very anxious this week, as our baby's birth is creeping around the corner. She's also been pretty calm and relaxed the last week, despite being uncomfortable at times. She's made sure to take time to reflect and meditate as it helps her through this process and she's also made sure to have plenty of rest. At this point in time the babie is mostly fully formed and is still growing and its movements are slowing down as there is not much room to move.

Emma is now 34 weeks into her pregnency and she is due on May the 4th which will be her 41st week of pregnency, so we are not far at all now. Emma has now got some clothes she can fit into comfortably for the remaining weeks of her pregnency and we have got the baby's room finished along with all the supplies we will need for the first few months. Emma has been feeling really shortbreathed and has been expiring heartburn, acid reflux and indigestion. According to some research I've Been doing, her uterus is about 14.5 from her belly button and the baby is now upside down, ready to exit out of the uterus. Emotionally Emma is doing mostly fine, she is very exited and is counting down day by day just like me. She is also fearful that the baby might have health complications and that some thing could go horribly wrong, but I'm making sure she's keeping her chin up and focusing on the postitives, cause I know we'll make it to the finish line in 1st place and perfectly fine. The baby is experiencing a few changes, this week's the first of which it is now upside down, ready to exit the uterus when it's given it's cue. The baby is opening and closing its eyes and teaching itself how to focus and if it's a boy it's testicles will be moving down from its abdomen. The vernix caseosa is still protecting the baby at 34 weeks and more cortisol is being produced by the specialist gland which sits on top of the baby's kidneys. Somehow these adrenal glands know they need to communicate to the baby's lungs to produce all the important surfactant. At this point, if the baby was to be born, it will be able to fend for itself now.

Oh my god I can't believe this is happening. And I Emma were relaxing watching Empire Strikes Back, just before Luke and Vader's duel, and she started having contractions and I'm damn well know what that means. Without thinking we grabbed everything we needed and while I was helping Emma get in the car, it happened and her water broke so I spared no time and put the pedal to the floor and got going. Everything was going so fast and I was just trying focus so I could get Emma to the hospital safe and in time. We walked through the front doors and the staff directed us straight to the Maternity Ward. We then quickly filled out some paperwork and then we were led to a birthing room. We were paired with a labour and delivery nurse and they took urine samples and checked Emma's pulse, blood pressure and temperature and asked some questions about things such as the contractions and if her water had broke. After that Emma started going into labour, despite knowing the pain she'd be in, Emma denied the use of an epidural. The labour was painful and intense for me, so you could only imagine how Emma was feeling. It was vigorous and went for what felt like forever but through the whole process I let her lean on me and and I offered her all the support I could possibly give. After hours and hours of the most intense situation I have ever been in, it was happening. Emma was directed to push by the nurse and before you knew it my newborn child was entering this earth. I could see it's head emerge from Emma's uterus and she kept pushing and pushing giving it her all despite being in unimaginable pain. More and more of the baby was emerging and my head was going round and round, it was so sureal. I didn't know if what I was seeing was real. Bam!!! Just like that my child was delivered, the nurse held up the baby and rested it on Emma's chest. The both of us were hysterical in tears and I kneeled down next to Emma and rested my head next to her and our child. As I observed my new born child, I kept thinking of how it all started and 9 long months later here I am the father of this beautiful child. I removed the baby from Emma's chest and I looked it up and down admiring it. I then realised it's a girl and I gazed back at Emma and we smiled at each other.

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