If you walk under a ladder... If-clause type 1

T shows her Ss a few pictures related to different superstitions and elicits the title of the lesson. Her Ss try to guess it. Each picture is presented in turn.

- T and Ss have a short discussion about superstitions around the world (superstitions related to good luck and bad luck)


T invites her Ss to watch a video-clips about Future Factual Conditionals (with if and unless). The explanation is given by Jennifer, a native English teacher.- T summarizes the explanation given by Jennifer (a native English teacher) to make sure all her pupils have understood the new structure. A few If-Clauses type 1 will be written on the board and in the Ss’ notebooks as examples.

Ss are asked to do an online tests (pair work)

Ss are asked to practise more (online tests)

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