Perennial Parade part 1 Spring time in UtAh, usa

(All images are available on Lovenmyflowers.com)

Every year in Utah there is a Parade. It starts in March with the crocuses and the Plum blossoms and lasts about seven months. It's always a little different and always stunning! Join me as we watch the spring flowers explode one by one.

Always the first ones... the plum blossoms and the daffodils and the crocus.
The Forsythia bloom through rain and snow and can last as long as a month. They are a burst of sunshine one rainy day.
The fountain turns to diamonds on those still freezing nights.
Plum, pear, apricot, and almond and apple blossoms delight the senses.

The parade continues into April with the arrival of tulips of every description.

These are photo paintings of spring tulips.

Be still me heart,

Rembrandt Tulip

Flaming Rembrandt Tulip

Sunlight and shadow, golden and violet.

Just like a fire

White narcissus, and pink tulips

The Wasatch Mountains decorated with fresh spring blossoms.

Stately Tulip Duo

Perfect Pink Tulip Portrait

Fairy Garden Tulips

Misty Garden Tulips

Red Twins

Red Triplets

All images are available on Lovenmyflowers.com

Thanks for visiting these early spring flowers with me. Check back for the summer episode of PERENNIAL PARADE.

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Jeri Abel

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