A Great And Awesome Book By:George

I love the book, ¨Magnus chase and the sword of summer¨ written by rick riordan. i will give you a intro for this awesome book.
magnus chase:son of frey, a god of asgard. his weapon is the sharpest blade in the nine worlds, (asgard, vanaheim, alfheim, midgard, jotunheim, nidavellir, nifheim, muspellheim, helheim).
jack the sword: he is the sword of the summer and is the sharpest blade in the nine worlds.
hearthstone: An elf that is really good at magic, follows orders from a god with only a head.
samirah al-abbas: can SHAPE SHIFT into animals and is a VALKYRIE for valhalla, a daughter of Loki
blitzen: he is a dwarf, so he can´t stay in the sun light. he wanted to start a FASHION store. He can climb like a
now i'll give you a summary of This incredible STORY of Magnus Chase.
Magnus Chase gets the sword of summer but then he dies and goes to valhalla- a place where brave HEROES die. at that time he lost the sword of summer. blitzen and hearthstone (hearthstone is deaf) took care of him. so then meets samirah and then magnus blitzen, hearthstone, samirah, and jack ( the sword of summer) slows down RAGNAROK Then they celebrated and had a great time after.

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