World War One The trenches

World war one was a really difficult war because trenches made it almost impossible to move up or do anything to shift the tides the war. trenches were big dices in the ground that protected the men from weapon fire. The trenches were the one thing that keep the war going for the many of years.

The Machine gun played an important role killing a lot of people in a short time. one machine gun post could kill a whole wave of people attacking the trenches. the machine gun was one of the first weapons that could kill a lot of people at once.

Mustard gas was a huge threat, if the English do not have gas masks you could kill a couple hand fulls of people in minutes. mustard gas advanced the German lines the first time it was used. The Mustered gas was an innovation that killed so many people. mustard gas killed you by filling up your lungs so that you drowned.

artillery was a really important in the war. it stopped many attacks and could take out some machine gun in placements. It could also take out many handfuls of men at any time. They did a ton of damage.


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