The meme thief By: patrick mcmahon

It has been years since one kid made an original meme, he spends his days blurring out watermarks on I funny, triggering people. His name was Brian Currier. Legend has it he has stolen over 1,000 original memes. Almost all of his posts are just reposted features. This triggers original content creators such as me and Jack. Brian woke up on a calm Sunday morning, he put on his obey hat and went downstairs to get some fruit loops with mountain dew.

Just a portion

It was all normal until he whipped out his phone and checked his meme page, all of a sudden he heard screaming so he looked outside to see every original content creator that had their memes stolen by Brian. They all had torches and signs saying, watermark lives matter. Brian's parents weren't home because they couldn't stand the stolen memes and the smell of mountain dew so they left for a bit. We started to bang on the door to raid his phone and delete his account. Brian knew this would happen one day so he said "screw off m8" and dashed to the backdoor where he took his backpack full of gushers and mountain dew and sprinted into the back alleyway.

The meme creators started to run around his house and try to cut him off. But to no avail, Brian had lived to steal another day. Brian had gone to his illegal meme lockup to hide for a couple of days. This is where he would print them and sent them to high buyers such as Obama, The leader of south Korea, the leader of north Korea, the Dominican republic, Spain, Ireland, and Russia. Brian has been making lots of money doing this process. Brian had made his own network and computer where he was safely able to mail illegal memes out of the U.S.A. Brian watched as the money started racking up as he lounged back on a bean bag and opened a pack of gushers and a liter of mountain dew. However when Brian was going to the post office me and Jack were preforming our hourly lurk when we stumbled across a abandoned building by the beach, Me and jack both thought this would be a great meme studio so we went inside.

When we entered the building that the building is actually an illegal meme lockup, there have been several meme thief's in this area but most of them escaped to Russia. But Brian is still trying to get together with his fellow thieves. Me and Jack quickly called the meme police as the pulled up in their clown clown car. They pulled up and said, what seems to be the problem, me and Jack reply with, "we have found one of the meme thief's lockup. Omg, this is so rad, the police say as the rifle through the memes soon to be deliverd.


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