Frederator Studios By Andrew Turney

I first heard of Frederator Studios ever since I watched some episodes of "The Fairly OddParents" on Nickelodeon.

I got interested in 'Fairly Odd Parents' after I saw a few episodes. I've been watching it on Nickelodeon for over a decade and I still watch it sometimes.

But it wasn't the only cartoon show on Nickelodeon that was created by Frederator. It also created 'My Life as a Teenage Robot'...

and also 'ChalkZone', but Nickelodeon no longer aired those two since they had to make room for other cartoons on Nick.

In 2010, I saw some trailers of Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. I didn't find it appealing at first because I used to find it ridiculous and not funny at first, but years later, I got interested for two reasons. First being that Hynden Walch who voiced Starfire in 'Teen Titans' is featured in it as Princess Bubblegum. Second was because the later seasons started to feel more like a dramatic masterpiece and shows more character development. But at that time, I didn't know that it was created in the same studio that created 'Fairly Odd Parents' until one time...

When I was looking up one of the actor on wikipedia, I found a title saying 'Bravest Warriors', I wondered what it's about, and I do know that it's a web series. I looked on youtube and watched all the episodes so far in order. When I started seeing the first episode, I noticed it was in the same animation as 'Adventure Time' and when I went back to wikipedia, I noticed that it was created by the guy who made 'Adventure Time'

When I saw 'Bravest Warriors', I noticed that thier youtube channel was called 'Cartoon Hangover'. I looked it up and I noticed that it was parented by Frederator and started to look it up and I noticed that Frederator created both 'Fairly Odd Parents' and 'Adventure time',

But Frederator did more then those three Nicktoon shows and 'Adventure Time' on Cartoon Network. Before Nickelodeon, Fred Siebert created Frederator and started out with a showcase series called 'Oh Yeah! Cartoons' which is how 'ChalkZone', 'The Fairly OddParents' and 'My Life as a Teenage Robot' started out.

But 'Oh Yeah! Cartoons' weren't the only showcase series Frederator created. It also created 'Random! Cartoon' in Nicktoons Network where 'Adventure Time' was created and also 'Too Cool! Cartoons' on Cartoon Hangover where 'Bee and Puppycat' and 'Rocket Dog' was created. So I thought I should one day pitch my own pilot for Cartoon Hangover.

So I thought maybe one day I could pitch my own cartoon pilot for Frederator Studios.

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