Cotswolds Flow, Grace & Feminine Power Yoga Day Retreat: 25 April 2020 Day Retreat at Ashton Hill House, Paxford

Cotswolds Flow, Grace & Feminine Power Yoga Day Retreat

A special day retreat in the Cotswolds for your body, mind, and soul alignment. Ignited by grace, gratitude and feminine power this retreat includes yoga, meditation, high vibration food, cacao ceremony with Shakti mantras and a gong bath at Ashton Hill House, in one of the most beautiful areas of the Cotswolds.

Your transformational journey will begin with a grace & gratitude yoga flow. Practicing yoga from a place of grace aligns body, mind and soul with the world and universal intelligence. When you flow with grace, you flow with presence, compassion, kindness and gratitude – not just on the mat, but into the world. On the mat we are aware of our body's strength and limitations – we know how to coax our muscles into strength, flexibility and balance and how to flow with effortless ease and grace. We are aware of the forces of nature like gravity, and in the world we are more aware of our inter-connectiveness with others, nature and the universe.

Grace & gratitude meditation will then lead us to an experience of awe, unconditional love and gratitude – it's the harmonious integration of our body, mind and soul with the source of all creation. This will help us to come back home to our true selves, to a place of compassion, forgiveness, inspiration, creativity, light and joy.

There's a special cacao ceremony to awaken the divine feminine. Throughout history many people in the west have turned to God the father for blessings and guidance, but in the east the Great Divine Feminine has always been held in high esteem – not as a secondary source of power but as the primal power – the Shakti that flows through our body and nature.

Centuries ago, the seers and sages of India observed that particular chanted prayers, Sanskrit mantras, connect us with this divine feminine energy and increase its potency. We will learn and chant together three Shakti mantras: Saraswasti mantra (the power of knowledge and speech), Laksmi mantra (the power of abundance) and Durga mantra (the power of protection).

Cacao was used in ritual and ceremony by our ancestors and was considered sacred. It is regaining its reputation as a powerful yet gentle earth medicine. It's a natural mood booster – a great source of serotonin an tryptophan – these neurotransmitters are associated with the feeling of happiness and heart openess.

In the afternoon, there's a mindful Yin yoga practice, and after you'll enjoy a beautiful gong bath which supports healing at multiple levels – physical, physiological, physical and spiritual. It has the power of rejuvenation, a feeling of ecstatic fullness of life-force for instant transformation. The day will conclude with a sharing of our thoughts and inner journeys, herbal teas and yummy vegan treats.

This warm invitation is open for everyone traveling alone or with friends, new to yoga or practicing for decades. This is the time you get to devote yourself to think only of yourself and your wellbeing, to connect within, breathe consciously, relaxing and allowing endless inspiration to flood in. Give yourself a very precious gift – a wonderful opportunity for you to relax your mind, rejuvenate your body and reawaken your spirit.

Jo and Cristina

Prana Adventures’ inspiring retreats, set in beautiful natural landscapes, are mind, body and soul adventures for true wellbeing, rejuvenation, healing and deep transformation. Dedicated to helping you transform, Cristina and Jo aim to breathe life into your potential, working with love and compassion to help you to unwind and discover your true beautiful nature. Embrace the practices of yoga, sound healing, Reiki and meditation for inner and outer transformation – to live life to the full, with faith, trust and love.

Exquisite private home location

Give yourself a very precious gift and find serenity, peace and wellbeing in our wonderful yoga practice. Eat healthy and reconnect with your mind, body and spirit.

The all inclusive cost of this special day retreat is £190.

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