Globalization - Making the world stronger or weaker?

Globalization makes the world stronger for many reasons. One important reason globalization makes the world stronger is that the world can move forward in life faster. One example of this is technology. If someone is selling product and goes to town to sell, and no one's there then they just wasted a day, but if someone calls him and tells him the place is packed then he doesn't have waste a day. Another example is affordability. If companies go and create their product in a foreign country then they can pay the workers less and so the price of the product goes down. This also helps fix poverty because people get jobs. So overall globalization helps the world by bringing countries together which helps global trade.

Mt. Everest, is it worth the risk or not?

The risk of climbing Mount Everest outweighs the benefit. It outweighs the benefit because 223 people have died and much more have been injured. If your body isn't completely covered you can get a frostbite and lose a limb, also while people climb people can get stuck under ice or get impaled by the ice and die. Around 25% of people that climb die, so there is large chance of dieing. Another reason the risk outweighs the benefit is the government is saying that you have to bring your trash back down or pay fine, and holding all that weight the whole time is hard.

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How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

A natural resource can affect a region in many negative ways. Crude oil is a very valuable resource in Southwest Asia and Central Asia. In some places large amounts of crude oil makes it very rich per capita, Per capita is all the money in the country divided by the amount of people in the country. An example is Saudi Arabia is very rich because they have a very large amount of crude oil, but the money is not evenly distributed, and if it isn't distributed evenly you would have really poor people who would look toward thievery. Even with large amounts of crude oil places don't have high life expectancy. An example of this is in Kuwait the life expectancy is low because the government under the time of Saadan Hussein (who is dictator of Iraq) the government took all the oil, kept it and got the money. In total even if a country has a large amount of crude oil the country may have a low life expectancy, or the money isn't evenly distributed so some are poor while others have a lot.

how do people adapt to living in a desert region?

There are many ways that people people do to adapt to living in a desert region. One way people do adapt to living in a desert region is wearing long, large clothes that cover all their skin. People wear this so they can prevent heat strokes and sun burns. Another example is in the Sahara have camels with them. Another reason that people have camels with them is because Camels can live in deforestation, desertification and drought for weeks. Camels can store water and valuables, so they are more useful . They can also carry heavy objects like humans or resources. People adapt to living in the sahara in many different ways. Some people use animals such as camels and other adapt by wearing large cloths. All people adapt in different ways but people that live there adapt for the same reason, to survive.

Within supranational corporations there are centrifugal forces.

In the EU there are many spoken languages which makes it hard to communicate with others. Since their are many spoken languages all papers have to be translated which cost the government a lot of euros. The EU makes some laws that aren't fair to some cultures. For example in the Czech Republic a culture cooks their meat overnight on low heat but can't serve it because it is more than two hours old. Supranational governments have centrifugal forces inside of it which pull it apart.

What is the most effective style of government?

Dictatorship is the most effective style of government. One reason dictatorship is the most effective style of government is dictators can plan far into the future without anyone being able to stop them. They can their military power so he can help other people. Another reason dictatorship is the most effective way of government is they have an unlimited government. Since he/she has an unlimited government and not limited government, he/she is the only leader, there is no separation of power, he/she does not have to listen to anyone all of that means no one can put the dictator on the wrong path. With all this power he/she can help the economy or help other places that are in trouble.

What makes a good citizen?

A good citizen will pay taxes and listen to the law, and if they do that they will not go to jail for that reason. A good citizen will should informed so they can contribute with their society, like running to be a political authority and many more. Citizens will have rights, but with rights comes responsibility. Citizens have the right to do things they want, and they have freedom. They have freedom of speech, the freedom to be vote and may others.


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