War clouds gather

Adolf Hitler

Japanese flag

5 facts

1.) Joseph Stalin rose to power during the 1920s

2.) Japan's army attacked Manchuria in September 1931

3.) between 1935 and 1937 congress passed neutrality acts

4.) German troops took over Czechoslovakia in March, 1939

5.) Hitler took advantage of people's fear to gain control

1.) the first dictator to rise to power in post war Italy was Benito Mussolini

2.) Hitler led the socialist party

3.)Hitler ended democracy

4.) Hitler formed an alliance with Italy in 1936

5.) Many Germans resented that their country had to take all the blame for World War I


Created with images by wisegie - "Japanese flag" • See-ming Lee 李思明 SML - "“半月圓 Half Moon” / 寧 Serenity / SML.20130321.7D.35748.SQ.BW" • blondinrikard - "Moon"

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