Marlboro Township Social Stories 2020-2021

Dear Marlboro Families,
We hope this reaches you in high spirits.
Staff and teachers can't wait to see students on September 8th! We know that this year is unlike any other, and therefore we wanted to provide you with some resources that you can share with your child before coming to school. This resource page was made with love by administrators, teachers, instructional assistants, child study team members, mental health specialists, custodians, and many more.
Please review applicable links, pictures, and presentations with your child so that he/she can feel prepared and ready for the first day of school. We are all here to support you and your child.
We are Marlboro, and that means something.
Marlboro Township Public Schools
I will teach you in a room. I will teach you in a zoom. I will teach you in your house. I will teach you with a mouse. I will teach you here and there. I will teach you because I care. So just do your very best. Do not wory about the rest!

This Year Will Look A Little Different...But One Thing That Will Never Change Is Our Marlboro Spirit!

You can't "mask" our learning!

Explain COVID-19 To Your Child. Click Below.

Read stories to your child about the virus HERE or HERE

How Do I Stay Safe?

Teach your child the importance of wearning a mask by clicking HERE or HERE

Teach your child about the importance of washing hands at school HERE

What Will My School Day Look Like?

Teach your child about Hybrid Learning HERE

Teach your child about Remote Learning HERE

First Day Of School

Teach your child about riding the bus HERE

Teach your child about their first day of school HERE

Click Below To Teach Your Child About Our New Temperature Machine

Honorable Mention

A Special Thank You To The Special Education and Mental Health Committee, Who Made This Resource Possible:

  • Dr. Dana Blair
  • Maryelizabeth Tirone
  • Dana Tardio
  • Dr. Nancy Asher-Shultz
  • Nancy Walker
  • Marlboro Middle Peer to Peer Program
  • Joey Tirone
Created By
Dr. Dana Blair