Marienna Priston The Healer

She is an extravagant woman. Luxurious chocolate curls cascading down her shoulders, burgundy colour tainting her lips, exotic feathers decorating her head giving her an unnatural shadow.

Finding her is a difficult task. Somewhere in midst of the Hollow Forest she hides, the only clue to her whereabouts a mythic "Follow the fog until you're utterly lost. Then turn left at the tree."

Very few have found the legendary healer who vanished after the Lissathon War. But those who did tell stories of her. Of the exquisite wine which she makes from blood and water, of the warm touch of her hands and how it is almost enough to heal any wound, of the musky scent of her hut, always hot and rich and herbal, like the finest tea they ever tasted. And they talk of her rusty voice, her burning eyes, the different birds that help her with every task, and no one can ever explain who she truly is or what she wants as she takes no payment for her services. They say she is beautiful in her own right, soft and hard at once, strong, with a sense of danger around her that makes time stop every now and then.

A lot of people in Lissathon remember Marienna as a little girl, playing with bells and puppets and rose petals when the flowers started to wield.

She grew up in the old city, fell asleep in the old cathedral where priests would go on and on about the Faith of Perio, went to the market with her mother's handmaiden, and people expected her to marry an aristocrat's son. It would have been fitting for a girl of her birth. Born into a rich family she led an easy life, was gifted with a happy childhood. People loved little Marienna, that's what all the neighbours said. When she started to study herbology it was just to pass time. When the smart professors of the university handed her an outstanding diploma it was a mere accessory. When the war came, Marienna did not die like the rest of her family. She disappeared.

It's all rumours from that point on. The tale of the beautiful maiden in the woods, living the life of an outcast in the company of trees, moss, and fluffy little forest creatures.

There's the story of her lover who came to her with a cruel stabbing wound on his chest. 

And as the weeks passed small attraction blossomed into tender affection. It was short lived, though. No one knows how, but her lover died. The tales differ vastly, some saying she killed him because he wanted to leave her, others claiming his wound got infected, another that he threw himself off a cliff because he could not bear how infinitely greater she was than him. He died, that's all there is to know.

And somewhere, in the middle of the Hollow Forest, lives a beautiful, mysterious healer, in a small hut made out of spruce wood and waits for anyone who seeks her help. That's Marienna Priston for you.

Can you find her?


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