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Quality Of Life in countries are based on the standered of health, comfort, happiness or contentment of a country's citizens.


If I were to send a non profite organization I would send an organization that will protect Liechtenstein. They are a small country and are having trouble with being invaded.

Liechtenstein is ranked #13th on the HDI scale with 0.908.

U5MR is 2 children a year. The average life expectancy is 80 years old.

The GNI is $79,851 American dollars.

Liechtenstein has a literacy rate of 100% and they are in school for around 15 years.


If I were to send an organization to Palau I would send a travelling doctor. Palau doesn't have good health care for everyone over 2.

Palau is ranked #60 on the HDI scale with 0.780.

The average life expectancy for Palau is 72.7 years. The U5MR is sadly 15 per 1000 parents.

97% of people in Palau have the education to read. They go to school for almost 14 years on average.

The average GNI in Palau is 13,496 American dollars per year.


If I where to send an organization to help Ethiopia I would send charity: water. They get you to raise money in you r community buy water and ship it to countries in need.

Ethiopia is ranked #174 on the HDI scale with 0.442.

The average life expectancy for Ethiopia is 64.1 years living. Sadly the U5MR is 136 children per 1000 people. (girls:62 boys:74)

They amount of years they are in school is 8.5 years, and that may only be if there is a school near you. Making the literacy rate only 39%.

The GNI for Ethiopia is 1,428 American dollars on average,per year.

This is there largest city.


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